11-key-questions-to-ask-before-hiring-a-web-design-companyYou want to build a website for your company and it seems simple enough. Except, of course, it’s not. It can be risky if you choose the wrong designer for your website. You need to ask the right questions to find a perfect web-designer for your web-page – one who is ready to develop what you desire. Henceforth, have a go at this list of things to contemplate and ask before you settle on a web-designer.

How do you price your services?

This is the most important question of all. Is it an hourly-based service? Do they have a flat rate according to projects? What can you provide within our budget – It is essential to have this conversation up front and honest. Your web-designer has to know your budget so he can provide everything you require or tweak them here and there to meet your demands. You want to figure out all the nuts and bolts at the beginning and avoid future conflicts.

Have you worked with similar firms before?

You want to make sure people you’re hiring know what they’re doing. Having prior knowledge will make them more efficient in their work. You have to make sure they’ve worked with other companies with similar goals and see how that worked out. You also want to make sure they have worked with other types of firms, so they can give you insight to innovative ideas for your website.

Will I have right of entry to my design source files for in-house use?

You want to clear out the rights to source files, as these may pose to be a mess later on. You want full rights to your sources so you don’t have to come back to your developer  every time for future maintenance. Not only is it a lengthy process but it also takes a load out of your pocket. For content management, you want to aim for the cheapest and most functional system. Other than that, a lot of web-designers prefer to keep ownership of designs and code source files for themselves. Be sure they agree to transfer all rights to your company.

Can you explain the process of designing?

How are they going to execute and plan your website? You need to be informed about every step they are taking to complete your website. It ensures the fact that they have a plan to meet all your demands and guarantees  that they know what they’re doing. Trust me, this one question will help you sleep a little better at night.

Can you provide references from previous clients?

This is an obvious question for any interview. You want to make sure they have good reviews and have provided satisfactory services in the past. Additionally, if the developers are on good terms with old clients and receive positive feedback from ongoing ones, it means they are a promising team of individuals who are capable of serving your purpose.

How responsive are your websites?

Non-responsive websites are like finding raisins in your cookie and we all know it’s frustrating. A web-designer has to make sure your website works on all kinds of devices smoothly and without buffer time.

How will you track the success rate of the site?

There are many ways to track success rate of your website. It could be the increasing sales rate or the amount of internet traffic you are receiving – whatever it may be, make sure it is built-in by the developer for your ease of access.

How will you optimize my website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is now all about giving people what they are looking for. Ask your developer how they plan to pull this off and how the correct content is going to be put into practice for your site.

What other maintenance services do you offer?

Websites require a regular maintenance and support to continue efficient functionality. There are new bugs and updates every day on the World Wide Web and you need experts by your side to handle it all. It is best to hire a company that will be by your side every step of the way!

How long will it take?

Time is of essence. The completion time depends greatly on the elements of your website and a lot on the developer’s experience in similar fields. A designer with experience will be faster and will be knowledgeable about bugs and critical points that may arise, resulting in quicker results. Incidentally, consulting references for this particular issue is also a good idea. They can tell you about the developer’s ability to keep up with deadlines. Overall, your web-designer should be able to calculate your requirements and their capacity and give you a timeline for completion of the task.

Know Thy Developers

This should give you an idea about how the company operates within itself. Who owns the company? How is their financial condition? Are they small or big? What achievements or credentials do they possess as a firm? It is even better if you can visit the company yourself; just to see if you get good vibes. As in, do they seem like professional individuals with passion for their work? Do they seem like you can trust them? Are they new to the industry?

There are many people you can find in the internet that offer cheap web design services. When you have spent days wading through a sea of proposals and sat through endless interviews, you will find a designer who positively answers all these questions. Then you will know you have found the Chosen One!