3 behaviour change methods to help cut through the noise
Behaviour change is a topical subject, and there are many methods that are prescribed to deliver a powerful message that cuts through the noise. But how do you know what to invest your time in when it comes to promoting behaviour change? Without an agency to drive this advertising concept, your valuable message may fall on deaf ears. There are 3 methods that will assist in delivering your behaviour change, which include message authenticity, a diverse platform and the right ambassadors. A blend of all 3 will allow your change to be one that is consumed, discussed and enacted within the greater community.

1. Keep your message relevant and relatable

The most impactful messages are always the ones that hit close to home. Keeping your behaviour change messaging as relatable and relevant as possible will ensure that it lands where you intended it to, and will actually have the best chance at creating change. While you may have the right motivation and intentions to enforce this change, you may not have the right creative angle or voice to best deliver it. Finding a reputable behaviour change agency will breathe life into your ideas and initiatives, and facilitate all the necessary media and distribution that you require to increase your exposure and engagement.

Think about the behaviour change ads you have seen in your life and how they have made you feel. To get that goosebump effect that makes you stop and think about what you have just seen can only be achieved by the experts in behaviour advertising.

2. Diversify your platforms

To enact real behavioural change, it’s imperative that you assess and perfect the right platform and channel mix. This will look different depending on your change focus and the audience you are looking to target and influence. When engaging a younger market, you can advertise your campaign through social media marketing. This is an environment in which video content is consumed in higher numbers, and it is easier to tailor your campaign based on the data available through the platforms.

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Television and radio are great ways to advertise your behavioural change message, and this is a forum in which the audience are accustomed to seeing advertising media of that nature. A healthy channel mix will round off all demographics, assuring your message is successful in saturating the market.

3. Seek ambassadors

When it comes to communicating with the masses and influencing change, it can be advantageous to enlist the support of ambassadors and leaders in that space. As we have seen with influencer marketing, there is value in having your brand message shared by someone who has clout in that space and a platform in which to promote an idea. As behaviour change is typically a government initiative, there may be members of government or organisational leaders that could be a good fit for your cause.

In saying that, finding an individual who is the right fit for your behaviour change campaign is more important than selecting someone of influence. Depending on the size of your campaign delivery, you may want ambassadors to speak on behalf of the cause and become the face of the message. This increases trust and familiarity within your organisation and change message.

When it comes to cutting through the noise, whatever you do needs to have substance. Behavioural change methods need to support relevant and relatable messages, through a diverse platform which encompasses the role of influential ambassadors. A respect and dedication to those three methods will ensure that you cut through the noise in the market and land your message.