Why Your Blog Posts Are Getting Zero Attention
Blogging is a convention of writing that has probably been around for as long as the internet has been alive. However, it’s a convention that has seen serious growth in popularity over recent years. The internet has lived a rather short life and didn’t even resemble what it is today until the World Wide Web was birthed in 1989 by Tim Berners Lee. That single moment of fate- the moment where Tim Berners Lee introduced his idea – was when the world changed colors.

Today, nearly half the world’s population uses the internet. That accounts for approximately 3.5 billion people, and according to research, nearly half of all internet users read blogs on a regular basis. It’s surprisingly easy to start a blog, and when such a large portion of the internet using world is accessing this convention of writing, it’s only natural that the minds of the world would see the value in latching on to this convention to either gain a profit or benefit in some other way.

You’re Not Just Fighting With Yourself

If you’re of the percentage of the population who is writing blogs, you’re probably feeling the effect of the popularity of blogging, in that you’re fighting for readers with every single other piece of media out there. The harsh reality of the matter is that even though you’re a blog writer and nothing else, you’re fighting for attention with every other vein of internet media.

It doesn’t matter if you’re only appealing to people who like cats. If you’re writing about cats and somebody out there is posting videos about cats or is making websites that allow you to design your own breed of cat, they’re pulling on your market. When you blog, you have to realize that it’s a battle to the death for subscriptions and readers.

You Don’t Know The First Thing About The Mechanics of Blogging

Another reason you might be having trouble getting a solid viewership for your blog is because you’re clueless on the mechanics of blogging. Viral material goes viral because there is a formula that propels it into a state of continual motion. The materials that grab an audience and go viral all have common threads under the surface.

the knowledge of blogging
Study viral media, then study mechanics. How do you write a blog? How do you make money with a blog? You have to work smarter instead of harder. A little bit of research in this area will go a very long way.

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You Don’t Know How to Draw People In

Bloggers often have this entitlement attitude that manifests itself something like this: They’re writing what they want to write because they enjoy the topic. If somebody else doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it.

However, they get offended and upset when nobody reads their material. The truth is that there’s a method and a science to writing a blog that people will actually read and like, and want to share to other social media platforms.

You have to know as much about psychology as you have to know about the mechanics of the modern world in relation to popular trends and internet relevance. Start with a hook. Draw them in slowly. Make the readers laugh, think, and cry. If you’re not getting any attention on your blog, a large reason could be because you don’t know how to relate to your audience.

Final summary

Everything is a business. If you think you’re just somebody who is writing blogs because they have something to say, you’re wrong. If you want readers, as everybody does, you have to know the business. Know your medium, know your audience, know what is going on in the world through which your voice is being heard, and get ahead of the curve.

It’s the only way what you’re writing about will get any attention.