benefits of managed wordpress hostingThe open-source, customizable, SEO-friendly, and easily manageable Content Management System (CMS)- WordPress is every website developer’s favorite tool. It is extremely simple and yields the best business site that you can imagine. But a website and its performance also depend on the service provided by your web hosting provider. Because, even if you have the best designed and managed site, an unresponsive page, slow loading time, or erroneous page activities can hinder your site’s performance affecting the user experience and eventually your business.

Rather than resorting to further expensive resources, it is essential for any business owner to understand the technical or operational glitches or other common issues that your hosting service can cause and how WP hosting addresses them.

1. Slow Page Loading

After all your efforts to optimize your website with content, images, media, and design it could be frustrating to find that your website still takes eons to load. This could be due to various reasons- either your site is experiencing high traffic, you have exceeded your bandwidth limits or any other user’s site affecting your site speed. With Managed WP Hosting, the loading time can be considerably reduced by allowing you to scale up your resources at the very instant of a traffic surge. You can also monitor the usage of your server resources and upgrade your service package as and when you need them.

2. Updates Not Reflecting

One of the major advantages of WordPress is that it constantly keeps updating its features so your site can perform better. But when you are building your own website you have to constantly keep yourself abreast of these changes and integrate them on a regular basis. Take caching for example; it may seem like an easy task to implement the plugins but even after you have made the necessary changes, some of the updates may not reflecting on your website front end. This is where a managed WP hosting service comes to rescue. With automatic WP core updates, you can be assured about the latest features and a secure site, will give your site visitors a great experience every time they visit.

3. Exhausted Memory

That ominous white screen or a ‘fatal error’ message can indeed be a fatal sign for your website’s performance, making you lose out on prospective business. This mostly happens if you exceed your prescribed memory limit on the platform, which can be caused by either a plugin or a rich theme that you would have installed. A managed WP hosting provider can help you by fixing the errors and integrating smart caching mechanisms.

On A Parting Note…

When it comes to building a feature-rich, user-friendly website nothing beats a platform like WordPress. But to use it completely to your advantage, you must find a web hosting partner who can deal with the issues that can create roadblocks. It is important to have a good WP hosting provider who can take care of the technicalities of your WP site so you can focus on growing your business.