Are you looking for proper T-shirt designer templates? Take your time to pay mockup creating agencies – take a look at this collection of free T-shirt templates in 2020. You can edit, download, and use them for both personal and commercial purposes.

1. T-Shirt – Free PSD Mockup

This T-shirt mockup in blue looks fresh and unobtrusive. It depicts a handsome man wearing sunglasses.

2. Free Folded T-Shirt Mockup Template

Consider using this folded T-shirt mockup template in white and grey. It also contains some texting in red which makes the template stand out.

3. Free Men’s black t-shirt sweats Craft mockup

This men’s black T-shirt is simple and comprehensible. You do not need to explain the concept of this design – just download the mockup and you are ready to go.

4. Realistic T-Shirt – Free PSD Mockup

Looking for something realistic? Feel free to use this T-shirt PSD mockup in black, white, and blue.

5. Free Male Tshirt Mockups

Encourage your potential clients to create their own T-shirt design with this free male T-shirt mockup in calm colors.

6. Free Mockup

Using this T-shirt mockup, you can upload your image or add a specific design. Make sure to edit and download the template.

7. Classic Regular T-Shirt – 2 Free PSD Mockups

Classic T-shirts also need the right promotion. Remember that you can change the details and customize the mockup to your liking.

8. Free T-Shirt Mockup Scene

This T-shirt mockup is made in white and pale pink. Such colors do not irritate the eyes so the mockup looks pretty attractive.

9. Young Man T-shirt – Free Mockup

Take a look at this Man T-shirt mockup in aquamarine. Make sure to edit the template before you post it on your page.

10. Girl T-Shirt – Free PSD Mockup

This girl’s T-shirt looks fresh and eye-catching. Every girl would be thrilled to wear such a T-shirt so you just need to add some words of advertisement.

11. Free Outdoor Boy Wearing T-Shirt Mockup

What about this outdoor boy wearing a T-shirt mockup? It is made in black, white, and red so such a combination looks to-the-point.

12. T-Shirt Hanging Mockup Get Free PSD

If you look for something unordinary, consider using this T-shirt hanging mockup. Of course, it is absolutely free so you can edit and download the mockup at any time.

13. Men’s T-shirt – 2 Free PSD Mockups

This men’s T-shirt mockup is made is urban design. Although it looks restricted, such a mockup draws attention from the first second.

14. Free T-shirt mockup

T-shirt with long sleeves can also look quite interesting. This mockup is made in white, black, and red so it seems to be the right one for you.

15. T-Shirt Mockup Vacation Edition Free Demo

Going on vacation? Do not forget to download this T-shirt mockup vacation edition. It is free for both personal and business usage.

16. Urban T-Shirt – Free PSD Mockup

Why not download this urban T-shirt mockup? It depicts a man with a bike who is wearing a white T-shirt with a print.

17. Free Female T-shirt Mockup with Changeable Background

Consider using this female T-shirt mockup with a changeable background. It is made in white with black texting so the template looks comprehensible and multipurpose.

18. Free Download T-Shirt Mockups Design – PSD File

Just look at this free T-shirt mockup in white and yellow. You can change the texting and add some specific details.

19. Male T-shirt – Free PSD Mockup

Check out this sophisticated male T-shirt mockup. If you change the texting, it will perfectly fit the concept of your project.


Choose this free women’s T-shirt mockup in nude colors. It depicts three beautiful women who wear t-shirts and blue jeans.

21. Free PSD shows of T-Shirt Mockup

Consider using this PSD T-shirt mockup in blue. The texting is made in white so this is the perfect combination.

22. Men T-shirts – Free PSD Mockup

This Man’s T-shirt mockup is made in black and light blue. You can change the details of the template, as well as edit and customize it.

23. Freebie! T-Shirt Mockup

Check out this T-shirt mockup in nude colors. It looks calm and restricted so you can use it for a lot of purposes.

24. Man T-Shirt – 2 Free PSD Mockups

You can edit and download this multicolored man’s t-shirt mockup. Made in black, white, and orange, it attracts attention right away.

25. Free T-Shirt Mockup Scene

Take a minute to evaluate this turquoise T-shirt mockup with yellow texting. Feel free to edit and customize the mockup the way you wish.

26. T-Shirt Mockup Scene for Free

What about this mockup scene? It depicts a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and shoes. Such a mockup looks unusual and extraordinary.

27. T-Shirt with Hangtag – 7 Free PSD Mockups

Do you like hangtags? Then consider using this T-shirt mockup with hangtag. It is made in white, black, and orange.

28. T-shirt Mockup Free Download

This T-shirt mockup looks simple but eye-catching. It is made in deep orange with a short but strong slogan.

29. Cool man T-shirt – FREE mockup

This man’s T-shirt mockup is pretty cool. You can edit that or download the mockup right away.

30. T-Shirt – 8 Free PSD Mockups

Check out these bright T-shirt free mockups in multi colors. It does not look irritating although it depicts some extraordinary prints.


This free T-shirt mockup looks quite usual but fresh and bright. You can change the colors and fonts using Photoshop if you need it.

32. Best Free Latest T-shirt Summer Mockup

Check out this free latest summer mockup. It depicts a good-looking woman who is wearing a white t-shirt with a print.

33. Realistic T-Shirt Mockup (Free) !!!

This realistic T-shirt mockup in blue will definitely come in handy for you. Just edit and customize the template to make it look perfect.

34. Best Gym Fitness T-Shirt Design Free Download

This gym T-shirt free mockup is waiting for your attention. Do not forget to check this out before you make a decision.

35. T-shirt mockup free download

What about a T-shirt mockup in graphic design? This one is made in black and white so everybody will find a reason to wear a T-shirt.

Final summary

So, it is always possible to pick up the right free T-shirt mockup. Make sure to define your goals and wishes before you choose a particular design and look of the template. Remember that you can edit and download every mockup for free. You are welcome to improve the mockup in order to make it perfect. If you want to see more such mockups, make sure to visit websites such as:, Pinterest, Dribble, and Behance.