insurance website design tips guidesDesigning a website for your insurance agency can be overwhelming. This is because a website acts as the virtual storefront for your business as it offers one of the best ways for acquiring new leads. Remember insurance is a referral based industry and thus a creating a good website has the impact to turn a prospect into a client may it be in mediclaim policy or any other field. This means that a website does more than just mere advertising as it can as well define the legitimacy of your business. Therefore, when designing your website, it is obvious that you will work on creating a good first impression to the visitors while also convincing them to transact business with you at the end. Here are 5 tips that can help you in designing the best insurance website.

1. Choose a clean and simple design

Choosing a simple and clean website is the most important thing you can do for your business and your clients. This is because it helps you gain new leads easily and ensures that your site is helpful to your clients, which are the major objectives when designing a website. Therefore, when designing your website, it is advisable to avoid any non-essential design elements such as unnecessary text and extra images. This will make it easier for your website visitors to find what they want.

2. Include the basic pages

Including the fundamental pages in your website, allows you to cater for all the basic needs of your website visitors. Therefore, apart from the homepage you can as well include services, about us, testimonials and contact us. Besides, you can also include a blog part to provide your website visitors with updates and information on various things affecting them. Moreover, make your product or service pages content heavy. For example, this page that sells mediclaim policy has a lot of relevant information and knowledge for the buyer to help him take the decision and purchase the policy.

3. Create a Mobile Ready Website

According to research, mobile devices account for half of all internet usage, which includes tablets. This explains why Google is now favoring mobile-ready websites by including them in their search results. Therefore, when designing your website, it is important to ensure that it will function well and good on these devices. This can be done by ensuring that you have a mobile version of your site or one that adapts to various sizes.

4. Choose an Insurance-Specific Web Design Services

It is advisable to secure the services of an insurance industry expert when designing your website. This is because insurance specialist will advise you on helpful added features that can improve the power of your website in turning potentials to clients. For instance, if you are designing a mediclaim policy website, an insurance expert can advise you on adding a policy center or integrated comparative rates features.

5. Use Powerful Calls to Action

Finally, the other important tip to consider when designing your website is ensuring that you create strong and well-placed calls to action. This helps n compelling the website visitor to take action, which could include completing an online form, making a phone call or writing an email newsletter.


In conclusion, designing an eye-catching website that suits the needs of the visitors can be a considerable challenge. This is because the website should create a good impression and be resourceful to ensure that the website visitors get all the information they need. However, with the tips discussed above you can easily design a website that ensures better results for your business.