When you’re planning to build a website for your online business, you must equip yourself with some essential knowledge before venturing into it. You have to be ready and well researched to avoid wasting money on unnecessary expenses. Below are some of the steps that you may follow to get you started.

1. We Looked, We Surveyed and We Researched!

Before you hired a web designer to build your business website, you must look at the latest web trend and do some market surveying on the niche of your business. Besides that, you must also take a look at your competitors and researched their strong points and weaknesses. See if anyone out there already doing what you’re planning to do. Finding a targeted niche market can be a hard challenge, you might also have to decide whether to target globally or just a specific demographic. This first step will let you start building your website based on your findings.

2. Collecting Ideas For Online Business Website

The ideas for design of your website and how this website represent your products or services. Please keep in mind that people are tend to attract to some color friendly, high quality images and eyes catching design website. So do make sure these elements are features on your web design ideas. Take a look at your competitors’ website, write down what you like and don’t like and what can be done to improve user browsing experience when visiting the website. You may also take notes on the design layouts, colors and text style use by other websites. All these things are important when you present your web design ideas to your web designer.

3. Setup Your Web Design Budget

Yes! It takes MONEY to make MONEY. Before starting your online business venture, you need a website to promote your products or services. If yourself are an expert in website design, you can DIY the entire web design process. That would definitely reduce your needed budget. If not, hiring someone will require you to setup a reasonably budget which you can afford on your website design. Try look around and contact few web designers for a quotation based on your budgeted price range. You must be prepare to raise your budget a little bit when it’s necessary.  It all depends on how high the quality you want for your website, higher quality means higher cost on your end.

4. Choosing The Suitable Web Designer For You

Now that you have determine your web design budget, it’s time to research around the web designers you have found based on your budget.  First, make sure that the web designer is experienced in making similar website like yours. Take a look at his/her web design portfolio where you can see web designing style and the quality of their past works. These web designers are either working for a web design company or freelancer, so please make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. Researched around for their company info, clients testimonials, reviews, ratings, design quality, etc.

5. Turning Ideas Into A Real Website

After you have hired a web designer, both of you can now discuss the ideas of what you want your website to look like. Give the web designer the list you wrote down earlier about what you like and don’t like on the website, the functions you expect to have on the website and any other ideas you have regarding the colors, the design layout, font text, etc. Both of you must have an understanding regarding what you want and also what they can do on your website design request. Good web designer can give you feedback and advise about your website design ideas, sometime they might try to persuade you to have your website design according to their way. But if you really like your own ideas to be realized on the web design, you should politely demand it to be done. Remember, you are the one paying the bills.

6. Making Your Website Live Online and Start Marketing

After weeks or months of trial and error, you are now ready to launch your website online. It would be wise to prepare a marketing plan before launching it. You may consider using some of the services offered online such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), press releases, social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc to promote your website to the public. If you have the budget, you can also try Pay Per Click marketing to get highly targeted visitors, for example, Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing PPC Ads and many more PPC companies you can found online.

In conclusion, these are the 6 essential steps you may follow from choosing the right niche for your business to getting a website done and finally launching it. Now you have to focus on making your website better, improve the user browsing experience on your website, try to collect feedback from your users and keep them on your mailing list. Continuous marketing strategy also an important part of becoming a successful business online, build up traffic with targeted visitors, improve conversion and increase sales.

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