seo strategies tips guidesAt the beginning or towards the end of each year, several experts usually share the views on the next SEO trends to expect. These predictions tend to be accurate most of the time. Apart from creating top-notch products or services, a viable SEO strategy must also be in place. This ensures that high traffic reaches your site and thereby increasing sales. Although some of the following best practices are still in their early stages, others have been around for a while.

1. Reduce Your Site Load Time

Whether a visitor is browsing on mobile or desktop, the importance of a fast load speed can’t be underscored. It’s imperative to test your site regularly for speed associated problems. Google recently rolled out different features like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These tools will come in handy for speeding up your site. Another action that you need to take involves getting rid of irrelevant data.

2. Optimize Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords contain phrases that are popularly used in day-to-day conversations. Ensure that the ones you use are descriptive and highly relevant to be product or services that you are providing. Even though this type of keywords will drive less traffic to your website, the competition is really low. A higher conversion rate is certain in the long run.

3. Deliver Unique Content

Some trends only last for a few months or years, but creating high quality content is here to stay. It’s a sure way to keep web users to visit your site often and eventually converting them to loyal customers. The most important thing is to craft the type of content that is appropriate for your target audience. Adding high quality images and videos during content creation helps to increase engagement. Researching about your audience can really go a long way when creating content.

4. Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Google’s mobile first index that was announced in 2016 has finally been launched. Without gainsaying, the traffic from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones is far greater than desktop. The reason is because millions of people all over the world are always browsing with their hand-held devices. In this wise, it’s ideal to design a website that is compatible across different devices and browsers. You can also take advantage of free online tools to know if your site is mobile-friendly.

5. Consider Other Search Engines

Much attention has been given to Google and this makes many people to forget that other search engines exist. Some web visitors still search for information online with Bing or Yahoo due to personal preferences. As you develop your search engine optimization strategy, try to make it work for other popular search engines too.

6. Maximize Link Building

Carrying out link building in the proper way is still prioritized. Sites that do otherwise often risk facing a penalty. The secret of many high-quality sites is leveraging the power of networking. They usually establish meaningful relationships with others, especially influencers in their niche. This approach can help you to build link naturally in order to rank well in search engine results.