communicating your requirements with freelance web designerPeople prefer working as freelancers because they get to do what they want. They choose their own projects, they decide how much they need to work daily and so on. Because freelancers have increased in number in the past few years, individuals who are in need of services noticed that working with them is more profitable and effective than working with companies. One of the industries in which freelancers seem to be the most successful is represented by web design.

Web design involves a lot of creativity and accepting many requests and further changes for the client, and working with one single person instead of an entire company is definitely the preferred choice. Because there are so many freelancers out there, it’s important to understand how to pick one and how to make sure that his services are trustful. Moreover, you have to learn how to communicate your requirements, so that there are no misunderstandings between you and the freelancer. Here are the actionable tips you should consider:

Start Searching for the Perfect Freelancer

There are many platforms on the Internet that are exclusively designed to help employers and freelancers to find what they need. Freelancers can sign up these platforms and create an account where they list what their services are, while employers can list their projects and choose the freelancer that is suitable for their needs.

Keep in mind that these platforms include taxes that are applied when establishing milestones with the selected freelancer. Some people work outside of freelancing platforms, but you need to learn what people are worthy of your trust and what people are not. If you are in this situation, use platforms such as to find more details about the person you work with, and keep an eye on online reviews and testimonials related to the freelancer.

Plus, working outside the platform requires completing a contract between the parties. You also need to deal with the tax regulations set by your country. Each country has different laws when it comes to working with freelancers or as freelancers. Make sure to get informed thoroughly about those. The most common way to choose a freelancer remains through the specialized platforms.

When you post a project, freelancers will bid for it, specifying the amount of money they expect and how fast they can complete the project. If you offer a long-term project, they can specify how much money they require for one hour of work. In web design, it is paramount to ask to see the portfolio of the freelancer, if it isn’t already public. This will give you a glimpse into the freelancer’s style and previous experience, which will help you make a decision in the end.

Put the Scope and Schedule of Your Project Together

You must be very clear when describing your project. In fact, the more details you give, the better. In web design, you must be very careful when describing what you want from the freelancer. Giving many details and listing your expectations clearly will help you attract only the freelancers that are able to complete that project. If you remain vague, you will have to discuss with a multitude of freelancers in particular, which can be tiring and time-consuming.

Don’t forget to mention how fast you need the project completed. You should take into account that freelancers have other projects to deal with besides yours. If you have a big project to offer, discuss the additional details with the freelance web designers that seem to have what it takes.

When communicating with your freelancer, pay careful attention to his communication skills. In some cases, freelancers tend to offer delayed answers, which may keep you in place from your actual goal. In web design, time and attention are two sensitive factors that must be respected at all times.

Discussing the Ownership of the Work

There is a problem that is common when working with freelancers and it occurs because of bad communication between the employer and the freelancer. This problem has to do with the ownership of the work. If you don’t clearly specify from the very beginning that the freelancer must give up the ownership of his work in your favor, you risk encountering Intellectual Property problems in the future. In web design, there might be more aspects to discuss related to Intellectual Property.

Make sure to cover that aspect before deciding whether to hire a freelancer or not. People who work outside freelancing platforms usually put all the details in place through a contract. If this is your case, specify anything related to Intellectual Property issues in the contract. Keep in mind that there are multiple types of Intellectual Property agreements. Choose the ones that fit the type of work that the freelancer is doing for you. Pay attention to small details such as this one when creating a contract to avoid conflicts between you and the freelancer.

Offering Feedback

You need to be very consistent with your feedback. As you may already know, web design requires a lot of changes that need to happen within a specified period of time. A freelancer that is able to respect these changes and perceive them as constructive feedback is a perfect choice. Freelancers that are willing to discuss with you often throughout the whole period of the project will make your job easier, making sure that the final project will respect all the requirements that you initially set.

You may want to start with a small task and see how the freelancer handles it. At the same time, notice his responses to your feedback. This way, you will understand how the freelancer works and what you should expect from him. If there is something you don’t like, don’t forget to communicate all your opinions to your freelancer. Encourage the freelancer to share his opinions with you, as well as contributing to your project with potential improvements.