The search engines are the best way to search anything over the internet. Whenever you search for any term on the search engine like Google, it displays a lot of content. The content which reflects in the first page of Google is the content which is visited by user maximum times.

What is SEO?

all you need to know about seo optimization to rank better on search enginesThe concept of increasing the traffic of your website or your content over the internet is called as search engine optimization or SEO. If your website or your content is properly optimized, it will automatically be shown in the top ranks of the Google.

It is always advised to hire an SEO expert when you want your website or content to be shown in the top ranks of the search engine. Specialists of Over The Top SEO Company offer optimization services, at affordable prices.

But, it is not only the specialists who can do this. If you want to do optimization by yourself, there are a lot of ways to do this.

How to get your content or web page optimized?

By following certain things, you can easily get a good page rank on the Google.

  • First of all, write a good title of your content. The search engines work on the concept of keywords. More the keywords in your article, easier it will be to rank your page on the top rank.
  • Whenever you write an article, write it as per the reader’s Think about how the reader will search for the topic on the internet. If you write a relevant story about what is being searched, chances of visiting and reading your articles by the readers are maximum.
  • Keep yourself updated. You should have the latest updates about what is happening in your area of expertise. If you are writing obsolete content, the reader might get disinterested in your article thus reducing your page visit.
  • Blogging is one of the best ways to increase traffic for your content. Start writing blogs and also follow different people who write blogs on different topics, this will keep you active in relation to what all is happening around the world. This will help you in writing more relevant articles which will be easy to search.
  • When you write the blogs, keep your ‘comments’ section active. Let people comment on what you have written. This will help you in getting the feedback from the readers and improve the content next time. Do not forget to reply to the comments.
  • Using the keywords in your URL will make the URL go SEO friendly. It will be easier for the users to search for your content if you have the keyword in your URL itself.
  • Use a properly tagged image in your article. Tagging the image will increase the chances of showing that particular image in the top ranks of the Google image search.

What you should not do

Other than the above mentioned tricks, the search engines do no encourage the following:

  • Over usage of the keywords. Using more keywords unnecessarily would degrade the quality of your content.
  • You would hate to see irritating advertisements popping up every time your search for something on the internet. So avoid using such advertisements.
  • Do not copy the content from any other source. This would lead to adverse effect on your traffic.

The process of search engine optimization requires time to give you results. So, when you start implementing the above given SEO tricks, make sure that you are patient about the outcome. You should also know that search engine optimization is a continuous process. You will face negative results once you become lethargic or neglecting the process. Once you get into it, you will easily be able to optimize your content and increase the traffic.


guy sheetritGuy Sheetrit is the owner of Over The Top SEO, a web design, reputation management and SEO company.