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When it comes to a business venture, people seem to forget that your revenues did not matter if you do not take care of your business brand first. You can be making money today and loss more in the future. Why? because people, or rather consumers always looking for something new, what’s hip today? what’s trending tomorrow? Attaining the loyalty of a customer should be the priority in the business-customer relationship. Don’t let the customer felt like you think he or she is just another passer-by consumer.

Your business brand not only just for show, but it also represents your business operation and prospect. When people saw your branding, they will think is this a good product? or worst; why is this so ugly? or that looks cheap! to be fair, not all people like red, not all people like blue, metaphoric speaking. With 8 billion human population worldwide, you just can’t satisfy everyone. Even big brands such as Apple and Microsoft have haters.

Here we will discuss how you can create a business brand that attracts loyal customers so your business can grow even more successful along the way.

Business Logo

Logo, not just a simple text and image. It can make your business stand out among competitors. Imagine you open your store side-by-side with your competition and the customers have to choose between:

bad good logo text usages
Now, tell me which store you will be visiting?

From the perspective view, most customers will choose the one on the right because the logo looks clean, clear, and serious, on the other hand, the left side logo looks funny and weird. No one wants their skincare routine to become a disaster after using your product. So when choosing the typography font for your branding, be sure to choose a suitable one based on your business niche, for example, if you’re running a toy business then more fun, bubbly, and giddy font would be suitable, vice versa.

Business Packaging

amazon packaging brand logo
When talked about business packaging, I’m not just referring to your product box or packaging design. These include your business card, business brand on merchandise, and how you integrate your logo brand into your product. For example, Amazon did a great job on their business packaging, you could see their logo everywhere, on the shipment package, their advertisement billboard or flyer, merchandise, even on the redeem card they sent out. They also did a fantastic work on brand logo design, an ‘A’ with a smile is a world recognizable brand.

Business website

The most important part of a business is online visibility. Because if no one can find you online then no one will purchase your product. We are living in a world of digital, the number of internet users increases from 2005-2019 is surprising. There are a few things you need to take care of when developing a business website.

  • Web design

  • Nobody like ugly or distracted website, once visitor land on your business website, the first thing they will notice is how well, how organized and how up-to-date the website is. If your website is like this then your business fated to fail from the start.

    Best practice in designing a website for your business is following your branding style and color. This is why choosing your branding color will affect how your future website will be. Keep in mind that 2 to 3 color variation is more than enough unless you decided to make your website a colorful one which might harm your business instead.

    Here are a few readings on colors you might be interested in.

  • User Experience

  • Some business owners did not care about how well their website performs, they think a few second of website loading delay will not have a great impact on their business, well, they couldn’t be more wrong. According to Neil Patel,

    “If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year”

    business revenue failing
    So make sure your website loading score at least 80 points on mobile and desktop in Google page speed insight test.

  • SEO

  • What’s the point of having a business e-commerce website if no one gonna visit and purchase items from you? this is where search engine optimization excels. Website visibility, or, rather website page search ranking in the Google search engine will affect business revenues.

    When people asked and tell me “why you so obsessed about building links?, just let it flow, people will link to your page eventually”

    I would tell him “bulls**t”, no matter how great and how in-depth research your article is, no one will link to your page unless your website is a high authority website with thousands of backlinks and recognized on the niche field.

    So the solution is that you do the promoting yourself, you can share your website URL on social media, using paid advertisement platform such as Google ads, link exchange with other webmasters on same niche field, and free or paid guest posting. Now here’s the catch, most of the strategy mention needs an amount of money to spend before seeing the result of your website rank increase.

    or you can just hire an SEO expert to do the work for you.

    There’s a saying “you need to spend money to make money”.

  • Security

  • It will be disastrous if your business website hacked and users’ data were stolen or, worst; get a surprise ransomware threat.

    ransomeware threaten with payment
    Many small businesses forced to shut down due to ransomware. Management, order, and productivity have to stop because the business is locked down from their server or company computers. The hacker usually demands a certain amount of money in digital currency like Bitcoin before they “help” release the lockdown. This is why your business website’s security should be your top priority from the start.

    How to secure your website

    • Make sure your site uses an SSL connection.
    • Enforce strict strong-password policies for admins.
    • Keep your software up-to-date
    • Procure a web hosting service that has security top-of-mind and forces customers to follow suit.
    • Make sure you follow file and permission best practices

    For more details on securing your website from hackers, read here.

Business Reputation

It’s not an easy task, especially for new businesses. It takes years before any business reaches a certain level of reputation and get acknowledged by consumers. One mistake could destroy your business reputation instantly if you do not handle the aftermath properly.

Public relations or PR, the sole purpose of handling business reputation to the public, positive or negative. They ensure any complaint, mistreated or misconduct of their employees toward the public (consumer) can be resolve without ruining their business image in the public eye. There are already a few examples of PR done wrong that tarnish the business brand image.

Final words

It is hard to run and maintain a business but it’s easy to ruin it. With the existence of social media, one mistake can be viral within a day.

When handling a business brand crisis, you need to be honest, act fast, and come up with solution pronto. Do not prolong or worsen the damage to your business image on the reason of “we always right” or you just don’t want to lose money on the aftermath of PR solution.

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