design-business-needsWordPress has hundreds of themes. Chances are they also have one that suits your business perfectly. But how should you decide which of these many themes to choose? There are lots of things that you could consider, here. However, there are three that we think are the most important to keep in mind when choosing your WordPress theme. Just keep these all in mind when making any decision (really) and you will always make the right decision for your business.

Think about Your Audience

Who will be using this site? Your clients? A specific targeted portion of your clients? Other businesses? What will it be for? Somewhere to place orders or somewhere to just learn more about your business? Is it a blog, a webpage, or a combination? Make a list of everyone and everything you want to aim this website at. It is then helpful to narrow this list just a bit. Then, think about who would need what on a webpage. Will this clientele like something sophisticated, sleek, young and fun, or practical and streamlined? This is one serious tip that will help you to choose your theme. If you are serious about your new blog or new, find a freelance web developer with marketing experience to help you with this part.

Think about Your Brand and Product

You know better than anyone else just what you are trying to sell. You also know your brand, as well as what you are aiming for more than anyone else. So put that knowledge to good use! Do not simply think about which theme is the prettiest or the most appealing to you. Which one seems the most appealing to your potential customers or to the brand itself? Make a list. Then you might want to ask for a second opinion to weigh in on the ones you have selected as finalists.

It’s All about Aesthetics

We have avoided talking about aesthetics to this point because, although it is very important, it is not the most important thing. Be sure that you pick a theme and style that is appealing and pleasing. After all, you do not want to make something so horrific that it is a pain to read. Do put some honest thought and effort into just how appealing the final theme you select is. If you are not sure, ask a web designer to help you and/or take a poll of a few people. Ask them to give their honest opinion on the theme. Or you may want to consult a professional.