couponada-in-indias-largest-collection-of-coupons-and-dealsI am sure you love purchasing stuff online. There are all kinds of online retailers and services which are aimed at making your life easier by providing you services that you can use right at your home.

Services which allow you to recharge your phone number, pay bills, book tickets etc. Services that allow you to order stuff online and they will take care of the delivery. Don’t you think all these services are making your life easier?

Well there is actually other side of this scene. With so many services and eCommerce websites popping up every day, the competition between these services is increasing.

Now to gain more and more customers, these online services and online retailers launch promotions and offers which are targeted to capture new users and make old users buy again and again!

Now getting information about these promotions and ongoing offers is hard from these different and discreet sources. Right?


What is is actually a huge online database of coupons and deals from various different services and online retailers in India.

The site is designed to provide the latest as well as the greatest offers from many of the online retails sites. You can get coupons and deals that will get you the best possible discounts while you pay for them.

Some of these coupons are targeted towards new customers while others also work on older accounts.

Why is important?

Well, it’s kind of hard to keep track of all the offers from various different brands so makes sure that you just have to visit the site and get all the updates about the promotions and coupons that you can apply on these other services.

So having a single site like makes it easy for the end users to look for and apply coupons and deals and get the best prices for the stuff they are buying or using online.

Some examples!

Let’s take some examples.

Paytm is an online marketplace and wallet where you can do your phone recharges, pay bills, buy bus tickets and you can also use it to make payments on other sites.

It is also a service that lets you do money transfer by just using phone numbers and emails across Paytm wallets so basically it’s an all-round online payment system, recharge website and an online marketplace where you can buy stuff online.

Now if you go to and search for Paytm, you will land on the Paytm coupons and deals page which will show you a list of coupons that you can use on Paytm and get discounts and cashbacks.

Other example is of Mobikwik which is also an online recharge website and a wallet and you can use to get Mobikwik coupons to get the extra cashback and discounts while you are using Mobikwik.


So a service like Couponada is very useful to get all the info and updates about current deals and discount on various different sites and services.

You can use it to get some great cashbacks, discounts and more offers and to make your online shopping experience better.

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