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Your business website is critical to the thriving success of your operation.  Digital visibility is crucial in a technologically driven society, and having a well-designed website builds a strong foundation.  

Get down to the basics, and make sure you fully understand the most important structural aspects of web design.  Take this moment to read through a brief compilation of some of the most important elements of a great business website, and consider where your pages could be enhanced.  

Simple navigation is important

Make it simple for visiting users to navigate through the information on your website by adding a stationary navigation bar.  Stationary navigation makes it easy for users to go back to the beginning, check out something new, or target the information they seek.  

Break your site down into sections that make sense.  This cold shot air chillers company created a great site design and a perfect working example of simple navigation.  

Display your products/services

Your business website should always be a place where web users can explore your products or services.  If you’re looking to boost sales, you have to let people know what you have to offer.  

Create sections that will make it easy for web users to find what they seek when looking around your site for something new.  Use high-quality images to display your products/services in an aesthetically enticing manner, and provide detailed descriptions of what consumers should expect.  

Create a space for communication

Every great business website has a space for communication.  Add a “Contact Us” page to your design, so interested users can learn more about your operation.  

Add a simple contact form to your design, so it’s easy for users to ask questions or voice concerns.  Make space for users to sign up for your email mailing list as well.  

Add social media sharing 

Ideally, your business already has a head start on your social media presence.  If not, at least design a bridge between your website and the busy world of social media by adding social media sharing icons to your design.  

Add sharing icons for the most popular social media platforms throughout the design of your website.  Sharing buttons in strategic locations will be useful for spreading the word about your business.  These simple icons provide a passive method of marketing.  

Add a blog to your website

Finally, make sure your business website has an informative blog that explains, informs, and enlightens individuals looking to learn more about your particular industry of business.  

Post new entries for your business blog on a regular schedule.  Loyal readers will look for new content, and you’ll capitalize on their interests by delivering what they desire.