mba benefits it career advancement


There are few occupations and job sectors with as much potential for growth as information technology and information systems. Within this broader field, there is demand across virtually every industry: from hospitals and restaurants to retail outlets and construction firms, every business is in need of computer-based solutions and assistance.

Pursuing a career in IT can be a rewarding experience – both personally and financially. With ample job security, great pay, solid benefits, and a comfortable day-to-day work environment, it should surprise nobody that countless thousands are pursuing careers in IT every single day.

While some aspects of this industry do not require a formal four-year education (ample experience and/or certifications often go just as far in securing select jobs), there are benefits to pursuing this course. Even non-IT degrees can be immensely useful in advancing long and successful careers in this sector.

As such, let’s look at five ways that an MBA specifically can boost any IT career and provide additional opportunities for advancement.

1. Simple Recognition of Accomplishment

First and foremost, pursuing an MBA degree online or at a physical campus shows dedication. Particularly for those committed to occupations such as IT, the level of commitment demonstrated by pursuing this advanced degree program tells employers that you have a sense of dedication and focus.

Regardless of the exact position your IT career might revolve around, possessing an MBA provides many benefits before, during and after the initial hiring process. However, earning this specific business degree will no doubt impress most employers and help your resume stand out from the rest in virtually any situation. As such, earning this particular degree can immediately begin paying dividends in terms of the long-term trajectory of your career.

2. Valuable Business and Communications Skills

While many positions in the world of information technology may seem impersonal or otherwise isolated, the most effective and best-paying IT jobs generally require sound communication and business skills. Whether supervising the development of corporate networks or fielding queries from employees, IT professionals must be able to interact with a variety of personality types.

In pursuing an MBA, students learn to master the art of communication and the skill of business affairs. Both of these can come in handy when working in IT: from understanding customers and co-workers to managing procurement finances for IT equipment, an MBA can imbibe individuals with an array of skills that are necessary for top-tier IT career fields.

3. Increased Earning Potential

It probably goes without saying that most IT-related professions provide substantially higher wages than the average job. Even entry-level IT jobs offer a better wage than can be found throughout most industries – having the necessary skills and a certain level of experience can ultimately affect salaries greatly, however.

Regardless of whether you’re starting out in the industry or have been working for decades, earning an MBA naturally enhances your earning potential almost immediately. From employees who are seeking an annual raise from a current employer to those applying for a new job opportunity, MBAs convey authority, experience, and skill: three things that are crucial to increased earning potential.

4. More Advancement Opportunities

Over the course of any career path, the need to advance is crucial to better opportunities and better pay. While experience and performance in any IT profession can inevitably unlock new job opportunities and advancement, it often takes years or even decades to fully realize that potential.

With an MBA in hand, a plethora of advancement opportunities can open up seemingly overnight. From relative lateral moves that provide better pay to management opportunities within the IT sector, employers understand the value of an MBA and the skills that it imparts on employees. As such, those ready to advance up the ladder more rapidly have much to gain by pursuing this degree.

5. Better Management Skills

As your IT career advances, the chances of finding yourself in a managerial position increase. For those who remain with the same employer for longer periods of time, cultivating experience can produce beneficial outcomes – in the form of better job conditions and higher wages.

With an MBA, you can speed up the process of this advancement – in large part because employers realize that MBA graduates cultivate the right skills for management through their degree programs. In short, this intense degree program will undoubtedly make you better at managing people on a daily basis (which is exactly what employers want in an IT management hire).

From entry-level positions to advanced positions within a corporation, every employee can benefit from earning an MBA. These five reasons should be enough to convince you to consider pursuing this vital degree program, whether your goal is better pay, better business skills or more respect.