focus on these 3 strategies to achieve digital marketing successDigital marketing is evolving at a rapid rate. What worked well just a few months ago could now be dwindling in popularity; some past digital marketing methods now do more harm than good to a company.

So, when you are putting a digital marketing strategy together for your business, it pays to know what’s still relevant. The good news is that many core digital marketing techniques are still very much required; webmasters have simply had to change the details.

Here are the main digital marketing techniques that hold the key to success.

1. Email Marketing:

‘What?’ You say. Email marketing can’t possibly still be a thing, right? True, nobody likes annoying spam emails that somehow slip through the filter, but if we’re talking about valuable and interesting email content, it’s a whole different ball game.

Do: Use email marketing in Sydney to provide solutions to problems, get to know your customers, and improve their satisfaction by offering valuable information, a friendly tone, and personalised experience.

Don’t: Bombard your customers with why they should buy your products, use click-bait subject lines, or embed dodgy links.

2. Content Marketing:

Without content, it would be ridiculously difficult to get your business out there. Content is everywhere – and not just the written kind. Today, your customers expect to have a nice array of options to choose from when it comes to the stuff they watch, read and view online.

So, up your content marketing strategies by providing informational articles and how-to guides, news stories, and opinion posts on a business blog. Then, branch out and guest post for popular blogs in your niche; this is a great method of expanding your audience.

Do: Build your online presence with a selection of mediums: E.g., articles, infographics, photographs, vectors, audio, and videos.

Don’t: Settle for cheap content. If you’re outsourcing the work then it pays to invest in an experienced, talented content creator.

3. Social Media Marketing:

With over one hundred million people signed up to Facebook alone, social media marketing is a vital digital marketing strategy that isn’t going anywhere soon. Failing to get your brand out there on social media means you are missing out on exposure to billions of potential new customers all over the world.

So, an authority social media presence should always be a key goal of any good digital marketing campaign. Winning over your social media followers is no easy task; it will require a lot of hard work, research, dedication and consistency for you to see a return on your investments.

Do: Keep your social media profiles consistent and active. Consistent branding and fresh content is key to keeping your followers happy. Take advantage of social media features such as Live Video, Reactions, Instagram stories and social polls to interact with your followers.

Don’t: Set up social media profiles and forget about them. A presence alone on social media isn’t enough; you need to shout and be heard.

These strategies make up the key pillars of digital marketing; working together to boost your website’s SEO. Have an opinion? We’d love to hear it in the comments.