tech skills in business is demanding here’s hiring trends in it
Hiring the right person for the job is can be an arduous process. When hiring IT professionals, the task can become even more daunting due to the specialized nature of the required skillset.

Staying abreast of hiring trends not only helps human resources professionals get a better understanding of the job requirements, but it also tells IT professionals, what companies are looking for. Here are some of the latest and greatest hiring trends in IT.

The IT Job Market is Slowing

After peaking in 2018, the IT job market is beginning to slow down, with fewer vacancies becoming available. To understand this trend, you have to understand that a slowing job market doesn’t mean that the industry is faltering. Rather, more focus is being shifted toward specialized skills within the industry and training to promote from within the organization.

What does this mean for businesses? Fostering a workplace culture that promotes mentorship and the opportunity for growth should be the goal.  Much of the shift toward internal growth is due to another trend over the past few years: IT professionals leveraging offers to move between companies, creating a higher turnover rate. Companies are encouraging IT professionals to stay by adding value to their position to save on the cost of hiring and training.

As businesses are looking for IT professionals that not only have the skills they need but also fit into the workplace culture, retention and engagement are essential. Focusing on a personality fit as well as the right skill set is a high priority for HR professionals, in light of research regarding the numerous benefits of cultivating an influential company culture.

For IT professionals in the job market, finding a company that knows the value of educating employees is more important than taking the best financial offer for now.

IT Project Managers Are Hot

it project managers are demanding
When businesses are looking for external hires, they’re often searching for specialists in IT Project Management. The tech industry has shifted tremendously in previous years, and many modern businesses are struggling to keep up. Whether it’s implementing new cybersecurity features or moving from in-house infrastructure to cloud-based operations, having someone in charge who understands these changes is essential.

Businesses are looking for IT Project Managers for everything from implementing a log analyzer to slow down the processing time to creating a DevOps culture. IT professionals in the job market should look for opportunities to get more involved in the project management side of things and enhance their related skills to stand out against other professionals.

Remote Work and Flexibility

Cloud technology hasn’t only changed the tech industry, but how the rest of the world does business as well. According to a study by OWL  Labs, “52% of employees report working from home at least once per week, with 21% working from home more than once per week, 18% always working from home, and 13% one day per week.”

With automation and cloud-based technology, the IT department is seeing a significant shift toward remote work. Businesses are seeing the value of allowing flexibility in scheduling, as employees become more engaged and productivity increases.

For IT professionals in the job market, understand that this is something worth pursuing. However, it’s also the reason that many companies are changing their hiring habits (outsourcing contractors rather than hiring full-time employees). You must also consider the fact that in the IT industry, specifically, businesses are looking for professionals who will work outside the traditional 9-5. Considering your options and determining if a contract position or flexible schedule could be more beneficial is key while job seeking in the modern world.

Salaries Are on the Rise

tech salaries are on the rise
Over the various facets of the tech industry, salaries are on the rise. As a result, the demand for jobs is getting higher. There is a direct correlation between certifications and specialized training and leveraging a higher salary. Businesses know that they need to be willing to make a significant offer to attract top talent within the industry. Job seekers are learning that continuing education in specific areas, such as DevOps and cybersecurity, is the key to getting a high-paying job.

Some of the certifications employers are looking for, such as the Certified Information Security Managers (CISM) certification can cost thousands of dollars to obtain. However, businesses are reflecting that cost in their salary offerings, and the return on investment is well worth the time and money.

Gender and Generational Gaps are Problematic

Modern businesses in STEM industries are facing social and political pressure to shrink the gender employment gap. This is creating a shift in hiring practice to bring more women and minorities into businesses, creating opportunities for those who have struggled to find work in the past.

Additionally, businesses are facing challenges with generational gaps, especially as the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age. Filling knowledge gaps and setting the next generation up for success is another trend that’s making waves in IT hiring.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the IT industry or a seasoned veteran, knowing the ins and outs of the current job market can help you plan your career path. For businesses looking to hire the right IT professionals, being aware of trends can help set the business up for continued success.