customer experience software customizationNo matter what field you operate in, giving your customers exactly what they want is the key to success. Think of the example of a perfect hotel that provides a room ideally suited to a customer’s needs, along with a menu containing all their favorite dishes and a television with the ability to stream from a selection of the customer’s favorite movies. So long as such services are provided at a reasonable cost, the customer is likely to return to the hotel again and again.

Creating a similar experience when a customer visits your eCommerce store is likely to result in an enhanced level of customer satisfaction, positive word of mouth, sharing on social media and glowing reviews.

Customizing your offering to meet the exact requirements of your customer used to be a tricky proposition, but the vast wealth of data that has become available as a result of the many digital interactions we make every day means the software necessary to accomplish such a task is now easily within reach of virtually every enterprise. Read on to find out more.

Benefits of Customization

A customized experience leads to positive outcomes for the customer and business owner alike. Studies show that a personalized approach increases impulse purchases which, in turn, leads to increased revenue. Such purchases are also far likely to be returned, and one study found that 44 percent of consumers who had made a purchase after received a customized approach said they would purchase from the same site again.

Traditional methods of engaging customers were ineffective because they required a significant commitment of time on behalf of both the customer and the company. Today, digital platforms and eCommerce portals such as those offered by provide a goldmine of information about customer activity, product purchase details, dates, times, promotional success rates and any number of analytical reports based on the data they hold. It is then up to the organization to ensure that GDPR law is adhered to with the data they hold. This kind of information can now be used to improve customer engagement by creating a more customized experience for each one.

Utilize Real-Time Data

Once you have taken on board the many benefits of customization and personalization of the customer experience, the next step is to find ways to utilize such information in real-time. By doing so, it can give you a further competitive edge and allow you to interact with customers while they are engaged with your company and considering making a purchase.

Recent surveys suggest that 58 percent of marketers around the globe are already using an element of real-time personalization and that around 80 percent of remaining marketing executives plan to introduce such technology in the near future. This means if your own enterprise fails to find ways to customize the customer experience, it risks losing out to the competition.

Respect the Boundaries

Although there is increasing evidence that customers prefer an element of personalization in their interactions with every company, it’s important to ensure your marketing materials never cross the line into becoming overly intrusive.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways in which software packages can be used to analyze data that provide a more personalized touch to your eCommerce platform in a way that your customers will appreciate.

For example, recommending products based on a combination of the items a customer looked at when they last visited your store and items that were purchased by customers who bought or looked at similar items, can be of great use for those consumers who have not made a final decision about what to purchase.