If you are planning to create your own websites like or an online store, you will need hosting. Hosting is the place where your website files are stored. In this article, we will consider popular types of hosting – what are the advantages of each of them and which hosting to choose for your online store.

Basic Types of Hosting

There are four basic types of hosting – virtual hosting (shad hosting), cloud hosting, VPS-hosting, and dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are suitable only for developers with great experience, so we will not talk about them in detail.

Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting is like an apartment building, where each tenant has his own dedicated space, but the communications are shared.

Shared hosting is arranged in such a way that on one powerful server the program divides the server resources into numerous accounts. By ordering a shared hosting plan, you get your own small part on the server and place your website or online store in the neighborhood of other customers.

Virtual hosting is suitable for beginners because it allows you to immediately place your website on the server and publish it on the Internet. There is no need to configure the software on the server – all the settings are already done by the specialists of the hosting company.

The Advantages of Virtual Hosting:

  • Convenient control panel.
  • Server administration by the hosting provider.
  • Variety of rates.
  • Additional services as a gift.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

  • No ability to install or change the software. In a shared hosting service, you can’t install a third-party program or change your current program because there is no administrator access.
  • “Noisy” neighbors. The server neighbors can abuse the server’s capacity. This can cause your sites to run slower. Hosting companies make sure that this does not happen, but such situations are not excluded.
  • Resource limitations. Providers of virtual hosting set limits on the use of resources. This is necessary so that there is no abuse of the paragraph above. But such restrictions may interfere if you want to send a large email or your site a large number of media files.