how to increase sales on your website using video testimonials
Sales revenue is the backbone on which every business rests. Therefore, it is important to keep a track of all the latest trends and means to increase sales. Video testimonials are a rage these days since it is said to create a sense of trust as potential customers get to see real persons like them recommending you. Hence, it is a good idea to start using video testimonials. Here are some tips to help you improve your sales.

Create a page for video testimonials

Instead of haphazardly adding testimonials, create a separate page in your website where all the video testimonials will be organised in terms of type, size, content etc. This will help your customers find not only all the testimonials in a single unified location but also the right kind of testimonials for the exact product or services they want to know more about. Give all the testimonials useful titles, descriptions and categories so that a customer does not have to search around for a testimonial, however old it may be. Do not share all the testimonials at once. Instead keep sharing at regular intervals to keep your followers engaged.

Share testimonials on your landing page

It is important to remember that your landing page or the home page is the first thing that almost all of your customers see so if you want them to come across your video testimonials, make sure to place them on your landing page. It can be in the form of a link which directs to the page containing your video testimonials or a tiny window embedded in the page, on which customers can click to play testimonials. Instead pf a whole testimonial, you can also add small excerpts from your video testimonials to pique the interest of the customers so that they click on the link to see the whole testimonial.

Incorporate testimonials in your ad campaigns

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Whether you are running an email ad campaign or a social media campaign it is a good idea to incorporate your video testimonials. It makes your advertisement appear creative and interesting, especially in case of email marketing which is otherwise quite a drab affair. If your prospects look lucrative and fun in your ad campaign, people will be automatically tempted to open and check out the link. Not only does it add a dynamic element to your campaign it also helps you increase your click and open rate, thereby improving the chances of a higher conversion rate.

Gifts/discounts for testimonials

It is often a gargantuan task to get your customers to create and upload a video testimonial. In fact, it is only normal for them to not bother. Therefore, you have to go the extra mile to give them special discounts or gifts in order to make them do it. If you provide them with lucrative perks on their purchase in return of a testimonial, they will be tempted to make one. For example, if your customers make a video, recommending on how well your education consultancy guided them with American University Rankings 美国大学排名, offer them a special discount or offer when the next time they transact with you. If they make a video unboxing your garment company’s product, send them a gift as an incentive to make more of such videos.

With the right kind of actions, you can use your video testimonials to improve your sales manifold. Use them to create a sense of belonging and assurance and you will be surprised how it will help you attract more customers in no time.