how-to-outsource-your-website-needsOutsourcing is a very popular way to build a successful website. With the right team of freelancers, you can build a successful website much faster. Freelancers can also make it very easy to maintain your website. Here are some of the things you should know about how to outsource the different tasks needed for your website.

Before you Outsource Anything

You may want to jump the gun and start outsourcing immediately. However, you should do a few things before you start outsourcing including:

  • Upgrade your Hosting – If you’re using just a shared hosting account, it might not be enough. Outsourcing will allow you to grow much faster and shared hosting may not support your growth. Before you outsource content and other tasks, make sure you have more than enough hosting. Upgrade to VPS or dedicated server hosting to ensure you can support your growth.
  • Understand What You Need – Maybe you’ve been handling all the tasks since the beginning, so you already know what you need. However, if you’re just beginning, you may want to learn at least the basics for everything you plan to outsource. If not, you may end up with poor quality content, outdated SEO or other services actually causing issues for your website instead of helping it.
  • Create a Plan – Just like you would do with any other part of a business, you need to create an outsourcing plan. This will help you stick to the budget you’re working with and grow at a rate you can handle.

Make sure you take care of these specific things before you begin outsourcing all of the tasks you need to grow.

What should you outsource?

Tasks to OutsourceIn today’s online world, you can outsource just about anything. From web design to content to SEO to coding, you can outsource just about everything necessary for your website. It will be up to you to decide what you should do yourself and what you should pay someone else to do. Some of the most popular things to outsource include:

  • Content – High quality content may be the most important part of any website and blog. If you’re not a good writer, you should consider hiring a good writer to handle all of your content needs.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization can be very time consuming and difficult for beginners. It may be easier to spend the money on an expert.
  • Web Design – Unless you’re a talented web designer, you may want to outsource this task.
  • Graphics – Professionally designed graphics can make a huge difference. If you don’t know how to create excellent graphics, outsource this task to a professional.
  • Website Maintenance – This can include everything from maintaining the server you use for hosting to updating your website, when necessary. If you’re not very tech savvy, this is a task you should outsource.

Many other tasks can be outsourced to an expert to ensure you create the best possible website for your specific needs.

How to Outsource a Task

OutsourcingAfter you decide what you’d like to outsource, you will need to find the right person or persons for the job. It’s a good idea to review their past work and test them on a smaller project, when possible. For example, you will want to look at writing samples and give a writer one or two blog posts to start; instead of spending thousands of dollars only to find out they don’t provide high quality content.

Many websites are dedicated to the freelance world. You can use one of the websites used to connect freelancers with website owners or you can find your team through job boards, forums and other resources.

Once you find the right person for the task, make sure you communicate with them regularly and thoroughly. Providing thorough instructions and staying on top of freelancers will ensure your work gets done properly and on time.

Outsourcing is a great way to build a successful website. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been building websites for years, leveraging the talents of top outsources will help you get to the finish line faster. Make sure you follow the steps above and choose experts for your tasks.