how to start an online business with your wordpress siteAre you thinking of using your entrepreneur skills into work but do not have enough budget to open a shop? The easiest and wisest solution to this is to start an online shopping site. It is cheap and almost effortless that you can create one without having technical knowledge. You can start an online shopping site using WordPress and in this post, we will teach you how.

  1. Think of a brand name – branding is crucial for any business. Thus, you should think hard and do your research to come up with your own brand name. Make sure that it is unique but with a natural recall. Forget complicated words and do simple yet with a good sound. People love to talk and share their good finds online so having a unique brand name that is easy to remember will make it easier for them to share and talk about it with other people.
  1. Check out and buy a domain for your site – as much as possible you would want to have your domain name as exact as your brand name. Have a domain check to see if the name is available for you to buy but if not then you must be creative and come up with some variations. However, you should still make it simple so your audience can quickly type in your website and find you.
  1. Choose an eCommerceWordPress theme to use – you do not need to hire a professional developer to build your site because there are many WordPress themes designed for e-commerce sites. Some examples include Shopkeeper, Divi, Jevelin, TheGem, and others. You can check out these themes and customise it using your products and descriptions. Your website will look very professional without having to spend a lot.
  1. Link your social media sites – it is also advisable to link all your product’s social media links whether from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Online consumers are meticulous especially when it comes to new sites. They check their social media pages first to know more about the product and even the owner. So make sure to create official accounts for your products to make it more reliable and trustworthy.
  1. Advertise your website everywhere – lastly, try to increase your brand’s exposure by being active on social media sites whether with helpful articles, advertisements or even simple replies to your followers or audience. Come up with official hashtags and encourage your followers to use it too. That way, you will be able to create a buzz in the social media community, and people will start to get intrigued.

Having an e-commerce site wherein you can sell products or services is indeed a good step to practice your entrepreneur skills. This is especially good for young people who do not have enough capital to start a land-based business. Another advantage of an e-commerce site is that you can easily reach your target audience because most people these days are online on different social networking sites. Having a presence online will make it easier for you to invite them to your e-commerce site and eventually support it.