design tips to improve conversion rateWith everything in the world moving at such a fast pace, people have started seeking for website designs which are intuitive to use and provide an excellent user experience.

We have listed here a few design-tips considering the above in mind to improve your conversion rate:

Understand Human Psychology

The human mind is wired to function in a certain manner and if you can utilize that to your advantage in business then your chances of gaining new customers will increase drastically.

By applying web design principles which tunes in with human minds, you can get hold of people’s attention. For e.g., put the most significant content in the first two paragraphs of the article, use images to renew readers’ attention, use white space with contrasting text to create more attention towards the content, etc.

Provide Visitors immediately with the Information they Seek

Do not lure the visitors by applying the strategy that they will search for solutions on your site hence will stay longer. Most visitors are impatient and will leave your site in 8 seconds if they do not find the solution they are looking for. Make sure to provide what they are seeking in the upper part of the page so that they do not need to scroll. Once they find what they were looking for, they may decide to stay longer and explore more giving you a chance to do business with them.

Improve Ease-of-Use by Adding Simple Instructional Texts

There might be a certain way of using your site efficiently which the user may not be aware of. No one has the time to read a full-page about how to use your website, instead, create small snippets of instructions wherever required and it will make the entire experience of using your site much easier and enjoyable.

Build Top-Notch Navigations

Helping visitors search faster for what they want by improving the navigations will make sure that the bounce rate decreases. Use clear navigations and use terms which the users commonly understand. Create a strong hierarchy and do not stuff every category in the navigational pan but create sub-categories so that the site looks neat and the navigation seems well structured.

Create a Functional Search Box

If you are offering many products and services, then for a visitor to find the desired product by going through the navigation will become a long and tiring process. Instead, placing a search box will make the process much faster for the users and quicken the decision making, improving the conversions. Place the search box where most users expect to find it that is in the top right corner. Add auto-suggest to speed-up the data entry process and allow users to use “enter” key to submit their requests.

Prioritize Your Repeat Customers’ Preferences

Remember to apply the 80/20 rule which says that 20% of your customer brings in 80% of the business which means you need to focus on retaining the existing customers and making their experience better over time. these customers love your website the way it is now which means changing it drastically may affect these top buyers. Hence while changing your design, consider the preferences of these 20% buyers. Make gradual changes so that they get accustomed to the design changes with time and observe the website analytics meanwhile by using the tradition google analytics or more comprehensive google analytics alternative software to make sure that your conversions are not tanking.

Simplify Decision-Making by the Use of Visual Elements

No visitor wants to land on a page full of text and spend time reading all the texts to come to a decision. Adding visual elements to make the decision-making process easier will improve the likelihood of a purchase. Add visual call-to-action elements to improve conversions.

Stick to Basic Web Design Rules

Your visitors do not just spend time on your website, but they visit multiple other websites hence do not try to create completely different website design rules. Stick to the basics such as placing the logo on the top left corner which clicks to bring the user to the homepage, contact information in the footer, a search box on the top right corner and chat window in the lower right corner. You can definitely break the rules once in a while to add an element of surprise on your site but do not overdo it or else your visitors will get confused and leave your site increasing the bounce rate.

Optimize Mobile Design

This would probably be the most important design element as 60% of users browse internet through phones hence make sure that you are using a responsive design so that your website experience is as good on the mobile as it is on a desktop. In-fact opt for a mobile-first design.


Customer expectations are changing with technology as they are more and more bending towards finding speedy solutions. The only web design principle which will lead you to success is to immediately provide the information your users are seeking by streamlining the individual user experience.