A few years ago, infographics made a grand entrance into the world of marketing and many web developers thought they were a nice touch, but didn’t really fully understand the impact they would have on conversions. Today, most marketing companies finally ‘get it’ because they have seen the results yet don’t understand why they are so effective. To put it simply, infographics lend credence to the old cliché, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Here is why.


Photo from freedigitalphotos.net

One Glance Tells It All

The main reason infographics are so effective is that a single glance tells so much more than words could express quickly enough to hold the viewer’s attention. Statistics are a great example of this concept. By the time you have listed off enough statistics to validate the point you are making, you’ve bored your audience to death. In marketing, it is vitally important to be engaging. If you put your audience to sleep, you certainly won’t sell anything!

Pictures Are Easier to Remember

A great number of scientific studies have substantiated the theory that pictures are easier to remember than words. In fact, it is no longer a theory but proven fact and even has a name! It is referred to as the “Picture Superiority Effect”. Many scholarly articles state that it has been a well-known fact since the 1890’s but you can go further back until the time of Cicero in the first century BC! Writing his Method of Loci, referring to memory places, he states that cognitive memory is enhanced through the use of pictures.

Not only are pictures remembered better than words, but better understood as well. This has huge implications in the world of marketing when it comes to employing infographics. People remember your product better and get a clearer understanding with a well-constructed infographic.

Infographics Add Visual Appeal

Here we’ve worked our way back to where we began. Web designers have accepted the fact since the early days that infographics add visual appeal to a website. However, this is only the case if they are well constructed. Most web development companies employ full-time graphic design artists – but what about fledgling entrepreneurs who need to build their own websites? This is where web-based utilities like Visme can be a huge advantage.

Unlike many software programs that cost a fortune and are not exactly easy to navigate, online utilities are user-friendly and come with features especially designed for marketing! This is not something you are likely to find in paint programs and this is the element you really, really need. Infographics can quickly help convert but first you need to design them! Find a utility that walks you through the steps and you are on your way to building an infographic that many companies pay high prices for!

Bear in mind that graphics, infographics to be precise, can help potential customers better understand what you have to offer and they will certainly remember better as well. The key to converting visitors to buyers is keeping them around long enough to click that button! Infographics can be the missing link you have been looking for.