Are you passionate about new gadgets and always want to get updated regarding the news of current gadgets launched in India. Then, you are at the very right place as here you will get the most exhilarating and trustworthy info about the currently launched gadgets. From smartphones to tablets, this is what we are looking forward in 2019 in India. And when you are buying such gadgets from any known and recognized websites, you will definitely esteem with coupons and offers.

As per the official announcements and talk in the market, a list of launched gadgets in 2019 is given below:

Portronics POR 796 Portable Ruff Pad E-Writer Digital Notepad with Stylus

Portronics POR 796 Portable Ruff Pad E-Writer Digital Notepad with Stylus is a must-have a gadget that is used for a writing pad, paperless memo, drawing, and handwriting board. You can keep your records & lists in it and you can also make doodles in it. This digital notepad with the stylus is the most durable gadget so that you can also carry it with yourself while traveling. The magnets on the backside enable you to place into your refrigerator.

MiTV 4X Pro 55-inch

MiTV 4X Pro 55-inch comes with its own patchwall interface and android TV OS to suit the user’s performance. MiTV 4X Pro 55-inch comes with universal remote and has a sleek design that will perfectly go with your living space. Along with it, it has a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 8GB storage, Wi-Fi, Powerful 20-watt stereo speakers for more immersive sound and 4K-UHD LED display with HDR for better viewing experience. You can get the best deals or coupons code while making a purchase.

Amazfit Verge

For fitness freaks, Amazfit Verge is an awesome fitness tracker that comes along with standard fitness tracking, optical heart rate tracker and detailed sports tracking for running, walking, cycling, etc. It is powered by a dual-core processor and has 4GB internal storage, 512MB RAM, GPS, and five days of battery life.

Amazon Echo Input

Amazon echoes input is basically for music lovers that can be used with Amazon Alexa. With the help of Amazon Echo Input & Alexa, you can convert any existing speaker into a smart speaker. Connect it to WIFI using the Alexa app and sign in to your Amazon account. It’s a portable device and sleeker enough to carry with you while traveling.

MI Sound Bar

Xiaomi is known for its prodigious price range & quality stuff and MI soundbar is one of the latest examples of both features. This MI soundbar provides room-filling sound with deep bass. MI soundbar has 2×2.5 inch woofer, 4xpassive radiators, and 2x20mm tweeters along with optical, AUX, and Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect it to multiple devices at a time. Buttons are available at the top of the sound bar for volume and switching between connections.

Portronics Yogg Plus

Portronics Yogg plus is a fitness tracker for those who are very conscious about their fitness. Portronics Yogg Plus tracks your calories, sleep, steps, and distance. Portronics Yogg Plus controls the camera shutter of your phone while connecting to your smartphone. The battery lasts for up to four days with a standby time of seven days.

Kodak 43-inch UHD Smart TV

Kodak has launched 43-inch panel with sleek bezels along with the resolution of 3,840×2, 160 pixels. The Kodak UHD smart TV is already loaded with social apps like Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, Gmail, and Twitter. The Kodak UHD smart TV is powered by a dual-core processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory along with 1.4 GHz processor. A LAN connection is also available with WIFI connectivity and 2x10W audio output to enhance the connectivity with the smartphones.

So, here are the trending gadgets that have been launched in 2019 in India and that makes your bucket of gadgets even more comprehensive.

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