Why is SEO Necessary?

digital magazine seo tips guidesRegardless of whether you run an e-commerce website or you run a digital magazine, generating online traffic for your business can often be challenging. The Internet has created such a large amount of competition in each individual market that content marketing efforts can become drawn out. Search engine optimization (SEO) is still an effective strategy for generating traffic as people increasingly use search engines to find needed or desired information.

If you run an online magazine website, you already know that a content marketing strategy is the ultimate key to increased visibility. With the right content marketing strategy, you create opportunities to further connect with your target audience while garnering attention to your brand. Content marketing allows you to provide entertainment and information for customers, make a quick market appointment with them, offer a chance to tell a story and build trust with customers.

1 Source Media Group has extensive experience in developing content marketing strategies for digital magazine businesses. Through proper search engine optimization, 1 Source Media Group has created great online success for online magazine websites. Here are few tips for online publishers to optimize their digital magazine sites.

  1. Forget About Keywords: If you have a fairly a big publication site with more than 500 or 10,000 pages, you don’t need to focus on keywords. Your ultimate goal will be to ensure that search engines can locate all your pages and classify it in an appropriate manner. This will lead to increased page views as users who search for particular items will find you easily and then, more importantly, remember you. In this particular niche, keywords are not as great of a concern.
  2. Keep Your Site Open: Stop asking for member registration in order to view your content. Publications such as The New York Times have already abandoned the requirement for registration, while others such as The Wall Street Journal will also stop doing so in the near future. It has been proven that requiring registration does not lead to the number of increased views that you would anticipate. People simply will not pay for it when they can easily find news from a different, and open, source. Search engines cannot get past registration forms therefore hindering your marketing efforts. 1 Source Media Group has seen success in increasing online visibility for clients by encouraging them do away with registration forms and opening access to their websites for all.
  3. Revamp The Structure Of Your Site: Flatten out things on your website. It’s important to have clearly marked and appropriately organized categories, without it, your visitors will have a difficult time finding what they need. ‘Silo’ your content and ensure that your website has a neat and tidy category with a ‘hub page’ as a central category. Make sure each and every article is linked back to the hub page.
  4. Clean Up Your Codes: Remove the inline javascript to a separate .js file. Experts suspect that search engines prefer to see several lines of content per every line of code, as is possible. When you eliminate javascripts, you enhance the ratio. Not only so, but you can also reduce bandwidth usage as the visitor browsers will cache the .js included file from the initial page visit. During return visits, they will not load the file from the server; instead, they read it from their own cache.

SEO for Digital Magazines

If you have an online magazine site and have been searching for ideas to better optimize your website, you may try the above mentioned SEO tips. For superior search engine optimization of online magazine websites, contact 1 Source Media Group for Content Marketing Services that will attract attention, generate traffic and engage your audience.