Hello everyone, MagPress now had been updated to accept developer versions and premium theme purchases which include lifetime updates and supports. The development had been undergoing for several months now and the final result by the dev team is quite impressive with a built-in profile, purchase, reputation, and support system using WordPress plugins such as EDD and BBPress. Checkout the screeners for more info and step-by-step instructions.

100% GPL and Update and Support for all Purchased Theme
– MagPress Support Team

Step 1 – Choosing a theme to purchase

if you go to any theme permalink and it had the ‘purchase button’, just choose and click to add the theme into your cart.

Step 2 – Register new account and checkout

On the Checkout page, fill in your desired username *be as unique as possible, your desired password, and your desired email address to register.

Click on ‘Pay and Download’ will take you to PayPal standard purchase page. Follow all the necessary steps and you will be redirected to your own private profile page with all the purchase history and info available.

Step 3 – Redirect to your profile page

After payment completed, you will be redirected to your profile page. all purchase items and log are visible to yourself only, you can redownload the developer version or the premium theme that you purchased here.

Click to view a larger version

All the purchased themes will be marked as ‘already purchase’ when you visited themes permalink so you can keep track of which themes already under your personal box and which themes haven’t.

Step 4 – Getting involve in Support Community Forums

A versatile support forum that only allows members/purchased users to post. The Forum system also allowed attachment so we can better understand if you have any issues.

Help others and Help Yourself

we include a reputation system will allow other users to vote your post or answer as useful or helpful, this helps the community to know which users had been doing some good deed and provide a right answer or solution to problems so be sure to collect those points which can be used to access a private and custom premium contents later on…its a secret:)

Some Themes had the purchase button and some don’t

we are in the process of updating the themes purchase list so if you do not see the purchase button then the theme still on que and will be available soon.

You can always go to the developer page to purchase as anonymous at any time. If you encounter any problems or issue with register and checkout, feel free to contact us here

More update soon…