Heya folks, as you can see MagPress is under the process of redesign. we will be working live online doing some tweak and adjustment over the week so if you spot any bug and misalignment in any of your browsers, please let us know here ok. alright, let’s do some quick study on our redesign process.

Fresher and Cleaner Look

yeah..we ditch the old design look and move to more cleaner and changed the main grey color to white color. Content is more organized now and more easy on the eye.

Rebuild using HTML5/CSS3

Everyone is using them, why not us? so nothing special here… let’s move on 🙂

Responsive and Optimize for mobile

We decided to make the site mobile compatible with iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device with CSS3 media query and modernizer. Hopefully, everything works out as expected, if not let us know ok.

The blog section is live

yes, a blog section where we could add site updates, tutorials on how to and offer some freebies download to our devoted readers/visitors.

and finally, we hope the new design could help visitors navigate the site more comfortably and easier with a normal browser and mobile mini browser.