Marketing-SEOWhen it comes to marketing your products through search engine optimization (SEO), it is quite important to get the basics right. With giant search engines such as Google and Yahoo making constant changes in their algorithms, one needs to keep up with the pace and know how to get a good ranking on these sites.

If you too wish to increase your brand visibility and reach the top of the ladder when it comes to SEO, there are some many ‘must knows’ for you. Follow these 5 must knows for marketing through SEO and secure the top rankings easily!

  1. Know the 3 pillars of SEO – There are 3 main ‘pillars’ of SEO which help you get it right. These are content, links and social media. It simply means that your content needs to contain the right information, presence of earned inbound links from different sites that direct to your content and social media ‘retweets’ and ‘likes’ which endorse your content. These together help you rank well in search engines.
  2. Good content is the key – At the end it all boils down to the content in your website or page! It is vital that your content is high in quality, interesting, plagiarism-free, includes visuals and audios for added views and valuable to the reader. This will help increase rankings and take your site to the top.
  3. Earn links, do not buy them – Paid links are what search engines hate most and you should try to stay away from them as far as possible to rank high in SEO. It is always better to earn links via endorsements instead of buying them. Google is also doing away with unnatural link building with the help of press releases and is encouraging natural links like never before.
  4. Speed matters, a lot! – Major search engines now focus on delivering quality results to all their users and that too quickly! They wish to do away with sluggish sites and often rank the slow ones lower than the faster ones. Experts reveal that there is a direct relation between ‘response time’ and ranking. The time taken by a website to deliver the first part of content or information to the browser and not the entire page to load is known as ‘response time’.
  5. Fix technical issues immediately – Technical issues have been known to affect a website’s SEO immensely and should be resolved as soon as they occur. With Google’s Penguin and Panda updates taking place in the last few years, technical issues need to be resolved rapidly or else your sites ranking might go down considerably.

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