mistakes to avoid while designing a mattress website to make it usableCreating an ideal website for launching your online mattress store is more than choosing the correct domain name and images. Creating a website is simple, but to make it usable can be challenging. If your mattress website is not appealing or its performance is poor then your business can experience a setback.

Website plays a Challenging role

Remember, your mattress website is your façade for the world. It is not just a door for your fans or customers but a place, where you interact with everyone. Many businesses pay less attention to their web designing projects. You may have noticed visually attractive websites that lack focus or are embedded with variety of fonts.

Avoid some mistakes to establish a lucrative website. Here are some of the common errors to avoid while designing your mattress website.

Search box is essential

A website is an archive of the kinds of mattresses you display. People need a search box to look for the kind of mattress they need. Having visible search box allows buyers to search your website efficiently.

Just copy the HTML code from control panel, paste it and set the search function on the mattress site.

Cluttered homepage

Visitors are greeted with a homepage, as soon as they land on website. You can grab this opportunity to compel them continue looking through your web pages. It is necessary to create a good impression. Many designers pack homepage with lots of unnecessary stuff. This makes the visitor walk away.

Actually, less is believed to be MORE, so avoid the overuse of text, images, or fonts. If ignored, this can give your homepage a totally chaotic look.

Annoying navigation

Buttons and links are positioned in wrong location, so cannot be found easily. This makes the visitors frustrated, when they are searching for products on your website.

Organize your website’s navigation aspect intuitive, which allows visitors to find all they need easily. Navigation must never be too flashy like adding sound and images to them.

Navigation need to be more organized and streamlines as per your website theme. Professional mattress website needs more clarity.

Poor usability

Users need not have to experience difficulty in reading and understanding the text on your website. For example, when visitors search for foam mattress kids from Amerisleep website the information about the product needs to be readable and legible.

The font’s size and style need to be decipherable and not painful for the eyes to read. Colors that work perfectly with the overall website design needs to be used. The background must not include bright colors against the text and avoid using black background with white text.

Out of date content

Traffic visits your website to gather updated information. Therefore a websites success or failure depends on your contents structure. If you don’t make use of attractive titles, bullets, paragraphs, subheadings, etc then visitors cannot accept this. They just move to your competitor’s website. The worst scenario is when your website does not display relevant content and can land at the bottom ranking position.

Content needs to be updated and consistent. It needs to be structured properly. There needs to be sufficient space between text and images.

Incompatible interface

Over creativity is also not good. Having different designs for each web page in the website can cause annoyance to some extent.

Even if your website design is outstanding, an inconsistent look and feel can confuse the users because they are unable to relate with it. Use a consistent template for all the pages and link it to the main website section.


Everyone desires their visitors to register, subscribe, share, or follow your website. Call to action makes these aspects clear. The goal of a website needs to be to force visitors to get into action.