android-mobile-phone-appsIf you are planning to develop apps and games for windows 8 version, you need to know the essential requirements and right method of that job. In order to start developing the app or game, you have to arrange a computer installed with Windows 8 consumer preview and visual studio 11. After iOS and Android, people prefer to use Windows to enhance the performance of their smartphones. New improved technologies of smartphones are creating ample of opportunities for web developers and website owners to offer a plethora of apps and games for these gadgets while cross platform mobile apps and web interfaces are ready to launch into the vibrant sphere. Whether you are using Apple, Blackberry or Android mobile phones, your app and game should be compatible for all of them to get exposure for the site.

App and Game Developing Techniques for Windows

html5-css3-web-appsYou can develop games and apps for Windows by using only any of the two available methods, including HTML5 and CSS3 for designing a user interface and JavaScript for creating logic that actually holds the entire program altogether. Therefore, these techniques are ideal for web developers who are familiar with web development languages. However, the other technique uses more traditional programming languages like Visual Basic, C++ and C# for writing the logic of the program along with using XAML markup for structuring the interface around it. In fact, Microsoft is becoming so eager lately for encouraging coders who are more familiar with Android and iOS to take part in web developing by using HTML5 and CSS3 for Window phone. Initially, web developers who developed apps and games for Windows gained a lot in terms of financial prospect. Now, you can observe that plenty of apps and games for Windows are available in the market after the incentive revolution.

More Info for Knowledge

Even if Windows phone comes up with a stand-alone visual studio express of 2012 edition, you can add on to higher formats like ultimate, professional or premium version. As this program provides emulators and variable tools for developing and testing your apps in real world condition, you can easily build apps in hybrid or native code using the SDK. As Windows phones are the latest kid in the block, a smooth transition of this new version, operating system might be the key to success and Bingo Games at William Hill is good example of this theory. Moreover, location awareness is an aspect or feature which is quite common among smartphones and therefore Geolocation perfectly suitable to complete this job of figuring out the locations. In order to retrieve device present location, mobile apps need to possess the power to reach APIs platform with the help of HTML5 browser. API generally finds out the current location by using any of the methods comprising Wi-Fi, GPS, IP address and Cell tower triangulation.

Whenever you are developing a project for Windows, you have to follow step by step guide including creating blank project, set of assets, structure, data connection, preparation for landing page, applying styles, establishing home screen, addition of custom control for images along with a semantic zoom and more.