obvious reasons to implement airbnb management software to your business
Running an Airbnb business promises excellent money-making opportunities, but this job is a kind of hell, indeed. Being a short-term vacation rental property manager or a host requires lots of involvement and responsibilities, given the insane amount of things to monitor, arrange, and fix. Responding to never-ending inquiries, confirming bookings, verifying the credibility of potential guests, arranging check-ins and outs, allocating cleaning/maintenance tasks, dealing with payments/deposits/insurances, synchronizing availability across all lodgings – managing Airbnb properties is centered around super-effective planning, managing, and control.

It is no surprise that overloaded Airbnb hosts and managers apply to professional Airbnb management software to enjoy a better efficiency of their business and optimize time-consuming, day-to-day operations. A decent property management automation tool offers many benefits helping entrepreneurs to deal with reservations, communicate with guests, and supervise all accommodations across all platforms in a more productive, time-efficient way, which ultimately translates into ensuring better customer service. Here is evidence why every result-oriented Airbnb host desperately needs a robust rental property management automation tool.

Better guest communication

Keeping a prospect wait for a reply is highly undesirable in such a business. First, a failure to reply ASAP may end up with the customer choosing your competitors, depriving you of the potential earnings. Secondly, the Airbnb platform punishes hosts with poor response rates by lowering their ranking position in the search results, therefore making their listings nearly invisible for users.

Decent Airbnb management solutions make it possible to automate communication with guests, letting hosts stay involved in chatting 24/7, thus never missing business opportunities. From inquiry notifications and customizable message reply templates to check-in/check-out alerts and sending inner rules to guests, the automated communication feature saves owners from the headache to manually type replies to hundreds of clients.

Hassle-free multiple accounts management

Often hosts advertise on numerous short-stay vacation rental marketplaces such as Booking.com, VRBO, TripAdvisor to maximize their reservations. With more accounts to keep tabs on, administering bookings across all platforms gets even more complicated, which may eventually result in lots of confusion and client frustration. Advanced Airbnb management apps come with a smart calendar sync feature to help you govern all listings across all websites through a single interface. This ensures well-scheduled stays while preventing double-bookings or any misleading availability information. Read more about this feature on https://www.hostyapp.com/airbnb-multiple-accounts-integration/.

Clever price building

A pricing strategy is one of the factors that can either make or break your Airbnb business. A too low price does not allow hosts to make the most revenue out of the property’s potential, while an elevated price tag may translate into precious few bookings. Cutting-edge Airbnb management programs are loaded with a nifty autopricing feature that adjusts the booking cost based on the provided amenities, possible extras, season, upcoming events, a market situation in the neighborhood, remoteness from the center/main touristic attractions enabling the hosts to offer guests adequate prices, yet without missing the potential revenue. Using the autopricing feature, it is also possible to automate discounts for low-season, first-time, or prolonged stays, or just to incentive loyal customers.

Smooth task assignment

Most large-scale vacation rental property managers and hosts hire professional cleaners and maintenance workers to help keep the accommodations in great condition. Innovative Airbnb management solutions help to streamline task allocation workflows and ensure better control over their execution. With a sync calendar, the cleaning staff can see when the property will be available for sprucing up, while owners have a clear picture of who is assigned to a particular task.

Insightful financial reports

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Dealing with finances is, perhaps, the most challenging and time-eating aspect of the whole Airbnb business, but fine Airbnb property management software allows for processing payments with ease. The most powerful solutions provide for accepting direct bookings, setting up security deposits, distributing revenues among owners and workers as well as generating financial reports and gathering statistics on overall income, price fluctuations, and expenses on cleaning/repairs through a single dashboard.

Thanks to the ability of modern Airbnb property management software to generate performance and financial reports, owners can have a holistic view of their business and can easily discover what needs adjustment or improvement to provide a superior experience for their tenants.

When guests have nothing to complain of, they willingly concoct positive reviews clicking the cherished five-stars against your listing. The more positive reviews you earn, the better your Airbnb ranking will be. Those who unfailingly provide an excellent customer experience get the Super Host status on the platform, which drives lots of tangible benefits and boosts the owner’s reliability in the eyes of a prospect.