questions to ask before website redesign
If you have come to the conclusion that your web design needs some attention, there are a couple of things you should first ask yourself before you enlist the services of a web design agency. So, before you start interviewing web designers, first double-check that you have actually formulated a clear picture of what exactly the needs of your business are.

What are your objectives?

Why exactly do you want to redesign your web design? It could perhaps be because you want to include some support for mobile devices too or that your web design now needs new features. Whatever these objectives might be, make sure that these objectives have tangible outcomes such as boosting the number of customer enquiries you receive via the contact form.

Before any redesigning can start, double-check that everyone involved grasps these objectives clearly. It might sound like a time-consuming exercise, but it will help the web design pros to give you a more accurate quote for your project.

What is your budget?

When you chat to web design professionals, they will ask you about what you have budgeted. You must carefully calculate what you can afford and be frank about the amount. When the web design agency knows what you are willing to spend, they can find the right answer that will match your unique requirements and tell you if your budget is realistic for the objectives that you have identified.

What do you like in other websites?

It is important that you take some time and think about which colours and fonts do you find appealing. Then, be sure to share these examples with the team that will tackle your web design. This way they will have a better context with regards to what your preferences are.
web redesgin factors
If it is difficult to come up with examples that you like, share with your team features that you do not like. This is just as important to know!

What is your deadline?

The price and scope of your web design project will also be influenced by your deadline. For starters, it could be that the web design agency that you had in mind will be unavailable to complete your project as they already have other responsibilities. If this is the case, do not despair as finding a world-class web design agency is not that difficult.

So, it is key that you have some kind of general timeline in mind. If you do not need to get your new website up and running before some important event such as an exciting product launch, this is one of the few instances that it literally pays to be accommodating.
website development timeline
There are many other questions that you should ask yourself when you are planning a redesign and many of these questions will pop up while you chat to the web design agency. Though, when you take the time and effort to answer these four basic questions beforehand, you and the web design agency will be on the same page.

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