Online learning has gained massive popularity and acceptance in recent years. It is hard not to see why the popularity of online marketing courses is soaring. Online training courses promise much more convenience in comparison to the traditional modes of learning.

Learners can fit the course around their existing commitments and responsibilities. They have access to multimedia and engaging content and learning materials. They can choose to indulge in the course at a convenient time. The best thing is that they do not have to travel anywhere for studying. They can simply access the course from the convenience of their office or home.

reasons why online courses are popular
The second reason why an online course is more popular is that they are cheaper. Cost is often the hindering factor why students don’t enroll in additional marketing courses for improving their skill set. This is also a major issue for organizations that want to offer encouragement to their employees to undergo further training. Online courses are offered at affordable rates.

Here are the top reasons why online learning is so popular among people.

1. Students get to learn more

A study conducted by IBM revealed that participants learn 5x more while taking up an online course. This is because the use of a multimedia tool is found to be more engaging. Online courses also offer full control to the participants on their learning. They can learn at their speed. If they are comfortable with the content, they can proceed through the course at a quicker pace.

2. Retention rates are high

Several offline courses fail to retain students during the length of the course. The Research Institute of America has revealed that this is not the case with eLearning. Online courses have increases retention rates. It ranges from 25 percent to 60 percent. Moreover, the use of multimedia tools makes the course more engaging. Click here to learn why millennials prefer an online course over a traditional degree.

3. Online learning requires you to invest less time

Face-to-face courses demand a lot in comparison to online courses. The time consumed in traveling to attend the session is not desirable. This is the case with working executives who do not have much time to spare to enhance their skillset. This is when turning to online courses makes sense.

A Brandon Hall report highlights that eLearning consumes 40 to 60 percent less time when compared to a traditional classroom setting. Online learning allows learners to split their time wisely before investing in the course. They don’t have to spend a lot of time on the course. Just setting aside 30-60 minutes is a day is more than enough to learn a course that improves your skillset.

elarning make learning easier
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4. Frequent assessments can lower distractions

One of the best things about online courses is that assessment is an integral part of online learning. The best thing is that courses using multimedia content enhance student engagement. Research conducted at Harvard highlights that participation in regular short tests halves the distraction in students. Also, it increases the note-taking ability. Further, tutors can monitor the course participants in a better manner. Increased performance tracking also enables the tutors to provide better assistance when needed.

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5. eLearning is a greener option

Online learning is not just an effective option for students, but also for the environment. The Open University in Britain has found that online courses ensure 90 percent less energy consumption.

There is also a significant cut in carbon dioxide emissions. This is because opting for an online course eliminates the need to travel entirely. This makes online learning a more effective method.

In summary

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Online courses are cheaper and more convenient in comparison to traditional education. There are numerous benefits of opting for online courses. The best thing is that you can learn the course at your own pace and in a relaxed manner. You just need to have the passion to enhance your skillset. Apart from lowered costs, an online course enables you to make progress at a rhythm that is best suitable for you. This is something the traditional educational system cannot beat.