seo-still-matters-reasons-its-not-dead-just-distinctly-differentThe concept of SEO can never die, only change. Search engine optimization by its very nature will not disappear. It is the act of being search engine friendly and ranking consistently high on the first pages of a search query. That practice isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Core Changes

Why many may be lamenting in the death of SEO could be for a number of reasons. SEO plays a large role in people’s searching lives. Many users online will use the search box for just about anything. SEO is relative and still evolving. It is not a static endeavor and has gone through some core changes over the years. Technology and the way we use the Internet is constantly changing and with that SEO follows to keep up with trends.

No matter how many people say SEO is dead, the ones who are benefitting off of it are using SEO in its newest forms. It is still a cost effective strategy that puts a website on the front page and can save money on marketing initiatives. Improve your traffic ratings and understand the new methods that work, and what parts of SEO are dead, and the others that are still thriving and growing.

Effects of SEO

Any major changes on a website will make an impact to Google search. Whoever is making the changes know that these improvements will help index higher in search queries. Practice put into place that track speed and load times, relatively new and important metrics for a site, are going to be showing up higher on a search.

Google has created AMP pages that make web pages look basically instantaneously. Applying this strategy early on would have been a cause for SEO to positively affect a website.

Where the SEO is dead crowd have a point is in regards to doing outdated SEO practices that could actually harm your websites ranking. Strategies that became overused, abused and aren’t current to the system will outdate your website and penalize it.

For example, think about the act of keyword stuffing, something most associate with SEO. Just by putting a key word an inhumane of times is cause for penalization as it takes away from quality.  What used to call for a ranking boost now will do the exact opposite.

Application in Motion

SEO can be used to solve usual problems that you may encounter with a website. For example many people will find that their new business website doesn’t even show up in a Google search. The brand name is no where to be found if they don’t know the domain name. If a user or potential customer can’t find the website, then that is going to be a major cause of concern.

Even with just a small amount of SEO services, the website could have been vital and seen on a search engine. The optimization process in this case could very well be the deciding factor if the business is going to make it or not online. If you’re in a business that isn’t entirely competitive on the Internet, which is rare but does occur, you can benefit greatly by being at the top spots for search.

If you aren’t doing the proper things on your website, you’ll find it will hurt your website or business by not being able to garner enough convertible traffic. The other part of the spectrum could be a competitive industry where SEO is being widely applied. Not keeping up here will completely allow the competition to decimate your ratings. Businesses succeed when they start to reach the top of the page for qualified searches.

New Avenues

Ranking consistently high and developing a stellar optimized website is a process that isn’t done over night. When done properly it’s the difference between shining and mediocrity.  The idea of search has been changing at a lightning fast speed. Nowadays YouTube has become a major point of search. That means that videos need to be accounted for in an optimization strategy and then an intelligent way to display them to be searched.

Text to speech has become prevalent and changed the way people query in requests by utilizing natural language. These are just two prevalent examples of the current and future of SEO. It’s a fool’s errand to go ahead and dismiss SEO entirely as what is now considered that has drastically changed over the years. The same principle stands, and that is to get highly ranked.


Don Roberts is nationally recognized as being one of the most sought after search engine optimization experts in the business community. He is well known for creating profitable Internet marketing promotions that significantly increase brand awareness and sales by making businesses more findable online.