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By Andrew Oziemblo, Founder & CEO of Chicago SEO Geeks a Chicago SEO Agency and RankOne Digital Marketing– helping businesses achieve long-term growth goals.

SEO is synonymous with search engine optimisation. The strange thing is that everyone seems to have heard the words search engine optimisation, but many people do not know what search engine optimisation actually  means. Basically, when a search engine (primarily Google) indexes and ranks your site, it is a digital marketing SEO expert that can make your site more attractive. One of the four most important ranking factors in Google search is high authority backlinks. The pages that have the most links pointing toward them on the web are the most valid. We will reviewsomelow  authority links that show that  your SEO Campaign is failing.

Content Copycat

Unique content will differentiate your site from the herd so every page of your site must be distinct. When visitors arrive on the pages of your site, be sure to give them what they want. Likewise, if competitors copy and paste meta tags from your About page, you will need to update the content as soon as possible. Sites that scan and copy content from other sites prove to be more successful than the original source. These can damage the ranking of the original site which can lead to losing search visibility, potential sales, and potential customer churn. For the moment, Google does not seem to always recognise the source of the original content. This is a real problem for content creators. It emphasizes the importance of monitoring the performance of the content throughout the release of the publishing button. By monitoring the performance of your site, you can take steps to combat imitation. In addition, this affects copies of products used on multiple sites. The site can take various measures to make sure it ranks others according to their terms. They may include monitoring search rankings and checking SERPs.

Stuffing your keywords

Please do not insist on over using keywords. There is nothing that screams more to Google than overstuffed keywords. Because Google and its users need keywords to understand content themes, they are still the strong foundation of an SEO strategy. They have made many changes to the way we use keywords in the last five years. In the past, search engine optimisation, and keyword density were religious measures, and most experts suggested a maximum density of 5%. According to Cutts, when you use a keyword on a webpage for the first time, Google recognises it and understands the subject of your content. They better understand what you are talking about by the second keyword use.

optimize seo keywords
However, when you use keywords repeatedly, their value does not increase. Your keywords are very important to show them what you are talking about. However, after the first few times, the benefits decrease. In addition, if you use them too much, you may expect manual intervention. Google launched Hummingbird in 2013 and added a new layer to understand and use the keywords. By displaying broader context on a page, Google could identify the subject rather than rely entirely on certain keywords to determine the theme of the page.

Poor design of your landing Page

Finally, please have a good landing page. The landing page is an inbound marketing tool for generating leads. Your landing page must tell visitors to shop by persuading them to click on the other pages you want to sell. When they are on a landing page, the action the visitors will take will determine your rate of conversions. If you do not get enough leads or conversions on your landing page, you might have a problem. You can test items to eliminate the problem. The items of the landing page tested are:

Poor headline

The title of the landing page is what the visitor sees the first time. Your title must be able to convey specific and useful information. If your titles do not trigger curiosity and do not define visitor expectations for your products, then they are inappropriate for conversions. To optimise your landing page, you must first create profit-driven content. Allowing visitors to know more about the content will interest them.

Traffic on your landing page

good landing page traffics
You must generate the right traffic to get great results. A good way to go is to aim effectively. Always keep contemplating the target audience. After clicking, please pay attention to the landing page to optimise the experience. It is necessary to prepare a separate landing page for each specific market segment. If you are successful, converting the landing page is the first step towards gaining customers. To optimise your landing page, make sure the copy, title, and CTA of the landing page match the content. Try to replicate social media and search engine traffic instead of bypassing the overall look of the traffic source.

Final summary

So there you have it: some of the key signs that your search engine optimization campaign is failing. If you noticed any of the errors that have been discussed above, there is no need to hit the panic button. However, you do need to make sure that you make the right changes so that you can get your search engine optimization campaign back on track. It is important to recognize that SEO is not a one-time thing. It is something that you need to work on all of the time. If you remain stagnant, you are only going to get left behind. This is why you need to ensure that the SEO Company you hire keeps up to date with everything that is going on and the latest trends so that they can adjust your campaign accordingly.

We hope that the information that has been provided above will help you to get the campaign right at your company.

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