stay-in-touch-with-folksThere are many great uses for E-cards in the business world. Whether your business is a for-profit business or not-for-profit organization, keeping your name in front of people in a positive way with E-cards goes a long way toward creating goodwill.

Using E-cards in for-profit businesses

You can build more than goodwill with creative E-cards when you send them out on holidays, your customers’ birthdays, and other special occasions. You can use E-cards to:

  • Send a holiday message such as “Happy New Year”
  • Use them to announce important changes in your business
  • Offer special incentives to purchase your products or services to select customers or to your entire customer base
  • Advertise sales and special clearances
  • Tell your shareholders how much you appreciate them
  • Let your employees know you care
  • Make them available to your sales force to send to their clients

When you are considering whether to send out print cards or E-cards, consider how much unwanted paper mail most people still get. Your printed card will likely end up in the waste basket.

Another drawback is that there is no clickable link in your printed card that takes your customer right to your web site like there is in your E-card. Your customer actually has to go to his computer, turn it on, wait for it to come up, and then type in a URL to get to you.

Ask yourself, which is he or she more likely to do, click the link that leads to your special greeting from your E-card, or go through all these steps after receiving a printed card. Which would you be most likely to do?

Not only is there no call to action in a printed card like there is with an E-card, there is no way for the recipient to share an especially cute card with all his or her buddies (getting you even more mileage from your correspondence).

Using E-cards in the not-for-profit realm

E-cards have not yet become extremely popular with the not-for-profit sector, but when not-for-profits organizations realize how effective E-cards can be for keeping in touch with folks, we will all be receiving them soon.

E-cards can benefit non-profit organizations in the several very creative ways:

  • They are a great way to solicit donations.
  • E-cards are wonderful for keeping in touch with your donors and thanking them for their generosity.
  • They are great for announcing what wonderful things you have been able to do with their donations.
  • They are a wonderful way to thank volunteers who pour their time and talents into your organization.
  • They are great for acknowledging corporate gifts also.
  • E-cards keep your name and purpose in front of your mailing list, and they save you a great deal of money over sending printed information.

E-Cards are such a special treat to receive. What could be better than being wished a genuine “Happy Holiday”! So, get your mailing list ready, because there are a number of upcoming holidays you can wish your customers and other folks a “Happy Whatever”.