Small enterprises are popular nowadays due to the current situation the world is facing. However, many have launched their businesses without a thorough analysis of how communication should be carried out throughout the entire process. It is unfortunate to think that they have overlooked the importance of this fundamental element of any organization.

It’s undeniable that most businesses operate with a mishmash of multiple phones with different service providers. Unconsciously, they are not aware that instead of lowering their overhead communication cost, they are simply spending too much for this process. If only they knew the importance of a telephone system in small businesses.

The Business Telephone System

With a business phone system, several telephones are used but in an interconnected fashion, providing a seamless flow of communication in the entire process. It is an organized structure that is shared with the entire organization. One of the great things about a telephone system is the capability of staff to make call transfers with each other, making the business run flawlessly.

The Advantages of Business Telephone System

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Bear in mind that incorporating a phone system into your organization provides remarkable advantages that a conventional system cannot. Let’s tackle the following advantages.

  • Lower cost – startup businesses are more or less on a tight budget in the beginning. Although communication plays a major role, there is no doubt that the cost of the integration bites a huge chunk of your budget. One of the best ways to greatly reduce the cost is to incorporate a phone system since it eliminates the need for individual phones. It also streamlines monthly invoices for more resilience.

  • Conference calls – having the ability to speak with multiple individuals at the same time is a great option when conducting a meeting. The business telephone system has functions that are of importance if you wish to trim down your expenses since it allows your participants to attend the meeting without travel and accommodation expenses to shoulder.

  • More cost-effective – when you visit reliable service providers such as Telnum, you might be surprised knowing that they are much cheaper compared to the service you’ve been utilizing for the past months or years. VoIP offers a great connection using the Internet. This system is obtainable at a lower cost than the traditional phone system without prejudicing the quality of the call.

  • Scalability – scalability implies the capacity for a phone system to handle multiple various workloads without compromising the total performance of the system. For organizations or companies, especially small business, scalability is one of the most valuable attributes to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate phone system. Luckily, for those entrepreneurs who are looking for a scalable but less expensive business communication solution, VoIP is now available to satisfy your needs. With a VoIP solution, you can easily address and scale up or down the number of features or users whichever is necessary.

  • Unified communications – you might not know this but an efficient telephone system gives you the option of integrating with other phone systems. As an example, you’ll have the ability to track your client’s connection with your business no matter what other means you prefer to use.

  • Auto Attendant – perhaps you’ve already encountered a recorded instruction before telling you to enter a particular extension and directing your call to the appropriate person or department. Such a thing is called auto-attendant, a very effective option and replacement for a human receptionist.

  • Call tracking – if you want to track the achievement of your sales or another department, then integrating a phone system to your enterprise is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Track the call times and their lengths, receivers of calls, and the callers themselves.

  • Outgoing caller ID — when you combine a telephone system into your small business, you are also providing yourself the ability to program all outgoing calls such as a uniformed caller ID. In this way, you are building an impression to your clients and customers that your organization is indeed a trustworthy and professional one.

comparing cell phones vs landlines vs voip for business use

When choosing a business phone system, the first thing that you should put into consideration is the kind of system that you want, based on your need of course. You can choose either from landlines or cloud-based, which is VoIP in this case. You have to decide also where the equipment will be hosted. Do you want it to be on-premise or in the cloud?

Today’s phone systems have proven that they are worthy to incorporate into a business because they provide a wide range of mobile tools. These tools or features, if properly utilized will bring your business to the next level of success. Having the ability to control and manage your communication effectively and efficiently will save you a lot of money. Furthermore, a seamless approach to your communication needs will also reduce your stress and burnout.

Final Words

Are you planning to expand your presence in the market this 2021? Or are you about to launch a fresh business? Whichever you choose, bear in mind that there is no better thing to do but to rely on a dependable service provider such as

If you have any concerns about telephone systems for your small business, please don’t hesitate to reach us and our friendly Tech Specialist will help you to figure out which phone system is best for you.