online event ticketing

Contacting an intermediary company is a classic way to sell tickets for any event, which all organizers have followed for many years. Tickets are on sale – profits are gaining, what else can you dream of and why should you get out of your comfort zone?

But there is another side of the coin: when you work according to a proven scheme, you lose sight of new opportunities and more effective methods. A simple example: would you like to get more sales and, at the same time, spend less time, effort, and advertising budgets on promotion?

It’s time to break out of this chain because modern technologies offer a huge range of possibilities. Selling tickets online is a great way to save time and effort, and, at the same time, automate the process.

5 Shortcomings of Classic Methods that Prevent you from Earning More

  1. You have to wait a long time for your money.
  2. In most cases, data on buyers and sales are not given.
  3. Interaction is hampered by paperwork and complex bookkeeping.
  4. Intermediaries compete with you.
  5. You are losing significant profit on commissions.

Here’s excellent news! What if we say that it is possible to avoid all these disadvantages? How? The solution is obvious! Process automation and selling tickets via online services will help cope with all the above-mentioned cons.

4 Important Benefits of Selling Tickets Online

  1. You get a lot of information about clients. You know who they are, where they came from, what they are interested in. This data is used for the development and launch of advertising campaigns, as well as future event planning. You make mailing to your target audience who are really interested in it.
  2. Sales are directed at the target audience that is interested in your offers. This helps optimize your budget and reduce advertising costs. When hitting the target, the “word of mouth” grows like a snowball, which can easily turn into a “virus” offer.
  3. In fact, a manager seems to be in the control center at the console: the user sees the level of conversion via various channels and can quickly adjust “settings” so that the indicators grow.
  4. An event organizer gets a detailed and up-to-date client base in a timely manner, with which he/she can work further. After collecting data and additional information about customers, this information is used for the following activities. You do not have to send letters to all consumers but you do personalized mailings. For example, send new customers a promotional code with a discount for attending the next event; and for regular clients, the same offer can be presented as a gratitude for the consistency in buying your tickets.

This is how sales automation looks like, which leads to profit maximization.

Why do you Need Ticketing Software?

The event ticketing solutions set allows bringing the mass ticket sale to a new level. It is a convenient tool for every participant of the process: an event organizer, sellers, and spectators. Due to the flexibility and versatility of custom software, sellers increase profits and get a wider audience coverage.

Benefits of Developing Online Ticketing Software

  • Centralized ticket sales for mass events without attracting third parties;
  • Building a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between organizers, ticket operators, and customers.
  • Centralized automated registration of ticket traffic and control over the ticket mass.
  • Formation of unified reporting on the electronic ticket sales system.

What Solution Features you’ll get by Ordering Ticket Software?

Ticket sales software designed and developed by specialized agencies includes the following type of information and peculiarities:

  • A single base of normative and reference information;
  • Detailed information about events, which is required for booking and selling tickets: seating plan, ticket prices, linking prices to seats in a hall;
  • A flexible system of discount systems, promotional codes, gift certificates;
  • Convenient interfaces for buyers (on the Internet) and operators (at box offices) for booking tickets and placing an order;
  • Payment for tickets using various payment methods: cash, bank cards, gift certificates;
  • Payment confirmation and ticket printing;
  • Personal accounts for all participants of the process with the division of available functions, namely for the organizer, for the distributor, for the buyer;
  • Report generation for various services: cashiers, accounting, etc.;
  • Analytical reporting, including in the context of sales channels, using tags that allow identifying from which sites and social networks customers come;
  • System administration, user management, and the differentiation of their access rights;
  • System operation monitoring.

Software development companies will create an original product that will perfectly meet your needs and demands. Be sure to get such a system to keep pace with the times. Competitive companies can’t go without introducing modern tools to their clients and interacting with them by means of these tools. So, this topic becomes acute for many businesses.