home garage diy toolsIf you enjoy doing a bit of DIY, have a craft related hobby, build your own furniture, or are thinking of setting up your own handy man business, then your home garage needs to be in good working order.

In addition to a designated working area, you may also need to consider installing heating, upgrading the lights, adding more electrical outlets, purchasing storage, and ensure that flooring is safe and durable.

In addition to basic tools, such as screwdrivers and hammers, when your home garage is ready to go, here are the three essential pieces of equipment for your home garage.

1. Drill

Many of the most common home DIY tasks involve drilling holes, such as putting up a curtain pole, erecting shelves, or building flat-pack furniture. However, many drills also offer additional capabilities, including gears and hammer functions. As such, before selecting a power drill, make sure to carry out research to ensure that it performs all of the functions you require.

Alternatively, if you’re carrying out more extensive projects, then it may be worthwhile considering a drill press, which can help you to complete a job quicker while also providing higher levels of accuracy and power.

2. Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a great all-round, versatile tool that can be used to cut curves and shapes. A jigsaw can be used on a variety of materials, from wood and metal to fibreglass. Different blades can also be used for different densities, making it an essential tool for most DIY projects. In addition to precision cutting, a jigsaw is a great tool for those interested in joinery, as they can be used to make angled cuts.

Jigsaws are easy to use, so whether you’re an experienced furniture maker or are a novice with ambitions of making home improvements, a jigsaw is a real home garage must-have.

3. Workbench

A workbench is vital to allow you to carry out your projects, but choosing the right workbench is not always straightforward. Buying a workbench can be expensive, so to make sure it’s money well spent, consider the following: Do you need a workbench that is a fixed height or can be adjusted? Do you need storage space included with the workbench? Will it be staying in one place or do you need to be able to move it? And how often will it be used? – the latter will affect how sturdy it needs to be and indicate which material would be best.

These three home garage essentials will allow to complete all of your DIY projects. And, in the event you need to sand items in your home garage, consider buying a drum sander. Happy crafting!