top-tips-to-organically-grow-your-blog-followersBuild it and they will come. At least that’s what they told you when you launched a blog, but here you are a few months later, and it’s built, but they’re not coming. At least not at the pace you’d like them to. For many bloggers, the big question becomes how to create a loyal following while also driving new traffic continuously. You might see blogging programs floating around that promise to help you grow your following in a few hours, but how do you do it in a way that’s organic and authentic?

Below are some of the best tips to follow if you want to boost your blog followers organically and develop a long-term strategy that’s going to keep working for you.

Be Part Of Other Communities

To gain visibility and make yourself known in your niche, it’s absolutely essential to be active in other communities. Just floating around and hoping for the best isn’t going to work either. Author and blogger Mitch Joel shared his advice on Social Media Examiner, telling bloggers they need to be active in other spaces. He specifically recommended spending ten times as much effort adding value in anywhere from five to ten other communities, as you do blogging or working on your site.

Maintain Your Branding

When you’re a blogger, and you’re trying to build your audience, it can be tempting to create content that’s all over the place and hope that it sticks, but what this is going to do is create the feeling that your blog is lacking direction. You want to develop a brand and a voice for your blog and stick with it, even when you’re feeling frustrated. Mandy, the voice of the “A Girl, Obsessed” blog recommends creating everything with your brand in mind, whether that’s new blog content, a social media post or photo, or a newsletter you email to followers.

Share Your Secrets

Whether you’re a stylist, a digital marketer or a financial guru, it’s important that you share your real secrets on your blog. Readers want value, and they want to learn something they don’t already know, so the more you can provide that, the more you’re likely to cultivate a following organically. Penny stock trader Timothy Sykes does this well. His blog is wildly popular, and it’s just about his tips, tricks, and secrets for being a successful trader in the niche he knows best.

Go (Ever)Green

Finally, too many bloggers ignore the value of quality evergreen content. If you can put together some outstanding bits of evergreen content that are actionable and add value to the life of the reader, they’re going to continue to appeal to new readers over time. You’re reducing your workload, and growing your following simultaneously. Put some serious effort into developing strong evergreen content that’s going to mean more traffic, shares, and subscribers. Some examples EcoConsultancy blogger Graham Charlton suggests include how-to guides, curation-style articles, and case studies.