virtual numbers

Recently virtual phone numbers are gaining more and more popularity all over the world. Such high demand is explained by the freedom of communication offered by the virtual number. Thus, inasmuch as a virtual number is a phone number, which is not connected to any telephone line, your communication becomes free from a lot of limits and restrictions.

There are three main types of virtual phone numbers:

In addition, there are local (based on definite territorial areas) and international numbers.

Virtual Numbers for SMS

With online numbers, it is possible to send and receive messages in different locations avoiding the purchase of a SIM card and certain region restrictions.

Advantages of online SMS numbers:

  • Simple verification in social networks, C2C websites, various messengers avoiding your real number demonstration
  • The number is connected to the mobile program or site dashboard, so, the lack of a SIM card or even a phone is not a problem
  • Automatic delivery of delivered messages to determined phone numbers, email addresses, messengers, CRM, etc.
  • Availability to get the information about the local telephone operator and to connect to the line
  • Access to payment systems

Online Numbers for Calls

The choice of virtual numbers allows you to get calls in more than 100 countries without buying a SIM card and associating with a telephone line.

Rates of communication overseas via the online number are the same as rates of the usual phone calls.

One-Off SMS Numbers

A one-off online number is perfect for anonymous verification or signing-in in social networks, messengers, or on other platforms. Such a one-off number assures the security of your personal information, which is necessary during the process of sign-in.

To become an owner of a one-off telephone number you do not need to acquire a SIM card. After number selection, you will receive a confirmation message, which allows you to use the number.