web-development-tricks-to-boost-online-salesAre you a web developer who is greatly into designing eCommerce websites? That’s great as online shopping seems to be the order of the day in the contemporary digital genre. Now, that you are into developing online shopping sites big time, you should be aware of the pro tips that can boost up the virtual sales of your clients. The article here offers an insight into such web development tricks.

Visibility of shopping cart

The shopping cart is an important aspect of your site & is equally vital for the shoppers. When the shopper adds something to the cart, she is always anxious about the fact that whether the chosen item has been registered or not. Thus, make sure to constantly show the shopping cart filled with the picked item/items throughout the shopping tenure. This way, the shopper will have her peace of mind and she can freely proceed on to next item or to check-out process.

A mere presence of the shopping cart won’t be enough- it’s ideal to make the cart pop so that it gets simpler for the shopper to identify it. For further convenience, the pro developers even use contrasting shades for the web pages & shopping carts.

Be specific with “add-to-cart” button

You have to be specific& simple with these “add-to-cart” buttons as these play a key role in sales conversion for the ecommerce site. Add-to-cart button notifications like “learn more” or “more details” are little ambiguous for the shoppers & they don’t usually respond well to these kind of texts. The shoppers don’t have all the time in the world for one site and hence direct calls are preferred more. Thus, it’s better if the add-to-cart button says something direct like “buy now”.

You might not have noticed but the color quotient of the add-to-cart button plays a role in nudging the visitors to shop. You must use gentle colors like green and blue that smoothly pulls the visitor to proceed on. Refrain from using harsh colors such as red and orange here .

Be organized and smart with product page

The product page is surely the most important aspect of any ecommerce site that you develop. It plays a big role in enticing the potential shoppers & hence should have that which looks the most appealing on part of the site. The primary element of the product page is product images. The potential shoppers would be eager to check out the product from different dimensions prior to shopping. Thus, there must be the provision to present the product image in various angles.

Next to the image section, the page will come up with product features and specifications as now the visitor would want to have a written idea on the product details. Reviews from other customers & links to similar items on the site would be placed at the bottom of the page.

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