what-factors-to-consider-when-hiring-custom-term-paper-servicesThere are many custom essay writing services companies that promise to deliver high quality assignments. Not every essay writing company is trustworthy and do what they say. Therefore, you must be willing to do research yourself. The following are 3 criteria you need to take into account when shopping for custom term paper writing services online.

1. Quality of Essay

The most important factor is the quality of the essay. The essay must have unique points that are not plagiarized from other sources. If the writer reference a source, make sure it is referenced in the proper citation format your assignment requires. To make sure the essay is uniquely written, you can use services such as Turnitin to check the plagiarism before making payment. Many companies will use a professional plagiarism service to check your paper before delivering it to you. There are a few types of citations including APA, MLA and ASA. You can ask the writer to provide a sample of the citation format just to be sure that he understand how to write the citation properly.

2. Grammar Error

After the writer submitted the essay, make sure you take time to read it thoroughly to detect any grammar error or spelling mistake. It is important that the essay delivered to you is professionally written without any grammar problem. Otherwise, it will take a long time for you to read and understand the points in the essay. They must be willing to offer revision for free in the event that you are not satisfied. You can order the free drafts to get an idea the writing style of the writer. If possible, you should ask to see some samples written by the particular writer that will be handling your essay assignment. View Publisher site.

3. Delivery Time Frame

Thirdly, you must find out out how long the essay writing company will take to deliver the essay. It will be best if you are assigned with a writer so that you can directly communicate with the writer and check the progress of the work. Some companies will take your order and didn’t deliver it on time because they couldn’t find a suitable writer to write your term essay paper. You must not forget to provide information on the deadline so that the writer know when is the latest day to submit it.

The custom essay writing services site must have a professional and user friendly layout. There should be no problem in accessing every menu in the navigation. Broken links show that the company is not professional and cannot be trusted. The email contact form should be working so that you have no problem submitting your requests to the customer support department.


In conclusion, custom essay writing services is useful especially if you have a very important thing to attend to and know you won’t have the time to do the assignment yourself. As always, remember to read reviews before rushing into hiring a custom essay writing company. Custom Term Paper Writing at https://buyessay.org