what role does link building have within seoWhat many webmasters, both old and new, fail to understand about SEO is that is it an extremely complicated, time-consuming process that has so many aspects within it that you could create an entire 7-year university degree and you would only be scratching the surface.

The main reason why Search engine optimization or more commonly known as SEO is such a difficult topic to understand is that it is very difficult to master a technic if you are not even sure what the technic entails.

What do I mean by this?

Well, it is no secret that Google refuses to tell the world what the code that they are using in their search algorithms is. Which to be honest, is a standard business protocol for any company, but it still makes the everyday SEO genius want to punch the developers of Google in the face.

Now, you are probably thinking of that SEO guru that you chose to hire or are still thinking of hiring, and the first thought that is running through your head is if nobody knows what actually is happening with SEO is he ripping me off?

Well…No, you see there are things that we have been allowed to know from Google and other things that many people spent countless hours figuring out.

One of these “privileged” pieces of information that we have been allowed to know, is how we can increase a websites links to other sites, to help us improve our website standings within the Google search engine and how to increase our total unique page visitors.

What is the method called?

One of the methods that we have been allowed to develop and utilize every day on our websites is the practice of link building.

What is link building?

Link building is the process that webmasters call when we connect our web sites to other webmasters sites through linking our sites together by the use of backlinks.

Why is this important?

By being able to link our websites to other websites we slowly begin to create a web of links that Google’s crawler can easily navigate.

This is important as the easier Google’s web crawler can find a web page the higher the websites ranking will be within the search engine database.

You see, the way Google ranks its websites, by popularity, relevance to the search and the web pages credibility.


It is important to acknowledge that link building is a vital tool that SEO specialists have access to, and not only can link building help increase a websites, total visitors, but if done correctly it can end up increasing a websites total Page Ranking, Page Authority and other crucial credibility aspects that will help increase a websites positioning within the Google Search engine indexes.

What is the best way to link building?

Out of personal experience, I would recommend making use of an SEO Link Building Company. As they have years of experience and are often well priced.