what-type-of-fashion-blog-could-you-runThe world of fashion is a great thing to blog about – it is fast moving, so there are always things to talk about, it is visual, so you can include some great media, and it is something a lot of people are interested in and like reading about. Whether you are someone who works in the industry or has other expert knowledge (for example a personal shopper or stylist), or you are just an ordinary person with a passion for style, you can create a great fashion blog that adds value to its readers and can help you find those who share your tastes.

There are, however, lots of different types of fashion blog, so before you dive in and start creating one, it is important to decide the direction you want to go in:

Fashion News

Are you a keen follower of celebrity style? Do you scrutinize all of the runway shows at all of the major fashion weeks hunting for upcoming trends? If so, then a fashion news blog could be right for you. Staying on top of what is hot and what is not can be hard work, and this kind of blog really only suits those who are really keen to be up to date on the fashion industry, as well as watching out for other fashion news like headline grabbing celebrity outfits. As a fashion news blogger, you can give your verdict on the styles you see too, adding your own twist to your stories.

Personal Style Blog

A personal style blog is the best choice if you are not a professional or an avid watcher of the industry, but you have a unique style you’d like to show off. This kind of blog is all about you – the things you see and want, the things you wear, and your own style. It may sound a bit vain, but these blogs are really popular as a lot of people like to draw inspiration from normal women when it comes to what they wear.

Information and Tips

If you want to write articles that help people wear the latest styles or get around fashion dilemmas, then a blog with tips and advice can be a good choice. If you want to talk about how to wear a dolman sleeve, or the best ways to dress for a certain figure, then this is the kind of blog you will want to do. Rather than being all about the industry or all about you, this type of blog is all about the reader.

Niche Fashion

If you are part of a subculture, or you want specifically to write about a niche in the fashion world like vintage fashion, upcycling, or fashion on a budget, then a niche fashion site can be the best choice. It has a more focused audience, and you can combine elements of personal style, advice and news to make a great resource for other people who are interested in that niche.

Whatever type of fashion blog you decide to create, work hard and you are sure to end up with something you’ll be really proud of!