your-business-harness-the-advertising-power-of-the-internetMost businesses have a website and many use social media, but some fall short when it comes to utilizing the advertising power the Internet offers. In fact, poorly run advertising campaigns that overuse press releases and misuse social media makes some pundits proclaim that social media advertising is a passing fad. The question is open to debate, but the smart use of press releases and social media has advantages in the here and now that can’t be denied.

Smarter Press Releases

The rub against online press releases is that many of them are nothing but self-promotion where businesses pat themselves on the back and make exaggerated claims. An effective press release, however, is real news. Business press releases cover one subject, whether it’s the announcement of a new product, service or a newsworthy announcement. The purpose of a press release is to spark reporter and journalist interest, with the possibility of further media exposure.

Well-written online press releases increase website traffic and sales, target an industry specific audience and, if copy includes a few well-chosen keywords, a press release increases search engine optimization results.

There are numerous online press release distribution services. These include the following:

PR Urgent: PR Urgent has both a free and paid service. Press releases must follow guidelines and are only released after approval. PR Urgent will not accept casino, gambling and adult news, duplicate releases, hate speech and violence, online gaming money or content that is copyrighted. Releases are manually reviewed and may be edited before release. PR Urgent distributes press releases to Google News, AOL, Yahoo, bing and among others.

PR Log: PR Log is a free press release distribution platform. Features include clickable links in the body, a keyword optimized Web page, PDF version, spam protection, news site and search engine distribution, customizable alerts, social media integration and your very own press room.

Business Wire: Business Wire is a communication service that distributes targeted press releases around the globe, provides measurement tools and offers a slew of customizable options.

Social Media Advertising

According to a report by Social Media Examiner, the return on investment of social marketing is surprisingly high. In fact, 92 percent of marketers surveyed said that their social media efforts have generated increased business exposure and website traffic. Just over half of the respondents who say they have been using social media for at least three years reported improved sales. Clearly, social media is a force that cannot be ignored.

Follow these tips for getting the most advertising advantages from social media:

  • Post daily.
  • Add pictures and video.
  • Post relevant third-party links and information.
  • Engage customers by asking and answering questions.
  • Respond to comments, even when critical.
  • Build a community.

Social media is a great way to show the people behind your business. As you build a community of followers, brand loyalty increases. Engaging and fun posts encourage sharing, which provides increased business exposure and, eventually, your bottom line.