how-to-make-cta-betterIt’s easy to get a CTA (call to action) wrong, but it’s the most important part of any website. It’s the bit that encourages people to buy, to sign up or to join up to whatever it is you’re trying to sell. When stripped down, your CTA basically screams BUY NOW at anyone who comes to your site, but there’s a little more to it than that.

Want to encourage more people to act upon your CTA? Here’s how.

1. Be Clear and Concise

It’s important to get straight to the point when creating a CTA, so waffling with too many words will not be productive. Instead, use commanding vocabulary that direct people exactly where you want them to go. For example, say you run a dental surgery and are encouraging people to book online, instead of having a button that says “Appointments Available” at the top of your site, use phrases like “Book your appointment now!” to really make it obvious what that link does.

2. Cash in on FOMO

Fear of missing out; the best way to get someone to buy or sign up to something is to make them believe they are going to miss out if they don’t act quickly. Promote your CTA with offers that won’t last forever and you are much more likely to gain an increase in sales.

3. Give People a Reason to Buy

The general public are a sceptical bunch and aren’t willing to part with their hard-earned cash for nothing. What will people get if they sign up or buy your product? Will they lose weight? Have better teeth? Save money? This is where you need to really upsell your unique selling point (USP), which is the most important part of any business. A good example of this would be “Call now to book your teeth whitening consultation” Not only have you told your reader or customer what you want them to do, but you’ve also told them why.

4. Use Enthusiastic and Evocative Language

The whole point of a CTA is to gain a strong response from your audience. By being enthusiastic or using language such as “50% off teeth whitening – get that perfect smile today!” Of course people will click, 50% off and a perfect smile!? It doesn’t get much better than that!

5. Use Numbers

Consumers respond well to seeing numbers – whether that’s the price of something, discount or a promotion. Numbers help people figure out whether even clicking on the link in the first place is worth it. If people are clicking and responding to your CTA when it has your price on it, you know that there is interest in your product. For example, “Cosmetic Veneers, just £3!” is going to get you a lot of clicks!

Of course, getting a professional in on the job to give you some advice is always handy – Breathe Online Marketing provide dental coaching and marketing. Why not give them a call on 0845 299 7209 to find out more.