how to choose the type of content

We will analyze what it means to promote a YouTube channel, what mechanisms exist for this. Let’s select only the acting ones, not only buy Youtube views cheap. This article will help you build a development plan that will ensure the promotion of your YouTube channel. Follow the detailed instructions, get familiar with the working terminology and dare to develop!

Types of video content and methods that determine the promotion of a YouTube channel.

The scope for imagination when creating videos is limitless. The main rating indicator that you should focus on is user interest. Therefore, based on the preferences of your audience, you can create anything. The main thing is not to break the rules established by video hosting. The material created in recent years is conventionally divided into 10 groups.

Reviews, video reviews, discussions of goods and services.

Video reviews and reviews of various products, especially those ordered on the Internet, are surprisingly popular. Viewing unboxes broadens the horizons in the field of shopping and reduces the risks of consumers, so there is always a demand for such filming. The more truthful the information and sincere presentation, the more Youtube buying subscribers.

Instruction, training, as a material, to ensure the promotion of the YouTube channel.

Training videos and “video instructions” are considered in demand. With their help, you can clearly understand almost any issue in an area of ​​interest to you. The more urgent the problem, the more views. An important condition: to present information as intelligibly as possible, with a clear image.

Research, experiments.

Everything that was previously strictly forbidden for children as experiments is now absolutely safe to watch on the Internet. The main task of the author is to implement what is interesting to many, but there are no necessary conditions and there is some risk. If you manage to take these points into account and accomplish what you want, your work will definitely be appreciated, and the promotion of the video on YouTube will be crowned with success.

Let-play (passing computer games)

Usually filmed using a “screencast” with an explanation of all actions in the voice of the player. Let-play can refer to training, where, when passing certain levels, the author comments on the successful overcoming of obstacles and shares tricks. Target audience – fans of computer games.

Storytelling as material for promoting a YouTube channel.

Fairy tales, stories – magic that fascinates people for many centuries. Changing over time, interesting stories do not lose their relevance. So, by telling your visitors about some curious event, you, too, are able to capture their attention.

Humor, sketches, entertainment.

And yet, the most stimulating promotion of the YouTube channel is content of an entertainment nature. Lovely, “having a rest”, funny and very funny videos – varied, creative, and popular with the audience. This list usually includes funny sketches (small humorous performances), videos with children, animals, comical situations from life, and countless other ideas that make you smile.

Challenges (tests): content that provides the promotion of the YouTube channel.

This type of content has become a godsend for bloggers who, by arranging various – often risky – challenges for themselves, are able to capture subscribers on a fantastic scale. Challenges can mean a kind of game, competition with other participants, passing some difficult situations, etc.

A non-standard approach to advertising enhances the effect of promoting YouTube content.

Despite the fact that it actively attacks the modern viewer from all sides … Still, there are lovers of creative advertising – which is made so exclusive and high quality that you want to watch it again and again.


The message of recent/important events can be presented, not only in a strict analytical form but also in an artistic or with a touch of humor. You can submit the material as you like, as long as the promotion of the video on YouTube is effective and relevant.

Conversations, polls, interviews.

Chatting with ordinary and unusual people is no less interesting than reviewing fashion products. Each person is a bearer of certain information. Therefore, content about famous personalities, alternative opinions, diametric points of view, etc. is always successful. The more famous a person is, the higher the interest of visitors to his life, statements and preferences.

Preferred video content format.

The capabilities of the player on which you shoot video allow you to successfully display any parameters – regardless of the aspect ratio of the screen. Adaptation to the size of the footage occurs automatically and there is no need for additional editing – due to the initially correct display. Videos can be filmed in any format convenient for you and immediately uploaded to the tape.

However, the 16: 9 ratio for the modern audience is considered the most acceptable, so you should not neglect the settings that help to simplify the promotion of your YouTube channel.