12 myths about internet marketingGetting your business promoted online is getting more and more hectic for small business owners. Online marketing is a really an important factor for business success. Companies spend huge amount of money on online advertisements. Online marketing has a lot of myths. Most of these myths are created by the administrations of social media or by those people who think they are professional in marketing without knowing about it. Let’s look at 12 Myths About Internet Marketing.

1: More Traffic means more business

Traffic is the most important thing for a business organization. But most business organizations take the concept of busy traffic the wrong way. Traffic can be generated by the SEO team to boost up the views of the page. Traffic is not always equal, there is a good chance that your traffic is being generated by the bots and not by humans. So you might be getting a huge traffic but it’s not doing any good to your business as no one is reading or buying from you. What’s more important is to have quality of traffic that can be beneficial for your business.

2: Getting Viral is Everything

You can’t make every post viral. Most of the posts that go viral on the internet through accidents. It’s not because you made a good marketing strategy, it is merely because your content was entertaining to the audience. All the post that go viral on the internet websites such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube have same thing in common. All these post are entertaining which lets the user to discuss it on different forms. So if you want your posts to get viral then you shouldn’t promote those posts that are same. Instead work on generating good and entertaining content and people will promote your post.

3: Free Online Strategies Can Help Build my business

This is the first mistake made by new newbies. They think that they can build their business by using online free strategies. This is just a huge scam; you are not going to get huge traffic for free. This is probably the first thing in the mind of newbies that they can earn money without investing on it. There is always the cost of the domain and if you are doing SEO to get traffic you would actually be wasting money rather than earning it. So if you want traffic on your website then you will have to pay for it.

4: Target Everyone

This is probably one of the biggest mistake made by the newbies. If you think that you can target the whole market, then you are going in a wrong direction. The best marketing strategy is to identify and narrow down your audience. If you are selling some beauty products, then your target audience should be females and those who are below 40 years as young girls are more interested in buying beauty products. Just like this if you have post related to football then your target audience should be those men who have interest in sports.

5: Marketing online is costly and time taking

This is not true at all. Online marketing is an efficient way to promote your content online and it’s not time consuming at. Apart from paying for the web domain you only pay for that content that you want to promote. It can be beneficial for you if you make a paid promotion which will give you a lot of traffic in a day.

6: Email Marketing is more effective

Email marketing is not a good way. People only want to read important emails rather than open up an advertisement email. Email services consider most of the marketed emails as spams. So most probably the email you have sent was never received to the audience. Social media marketing is more effective than email marketing as it gets the attention of the audience easily.

7: Every Social Media Platform should be targeted

Social media platforms are good way to promote your content but that doesn’t mean you should promote it everywhere. This will divide the audience. The best thing to do is identify where is your best audience on social media platform and then post your content there daily.

8: Don’t get personal

One of the mistakes that people make on social media is that they don’t get personal. People think that if they use professional tones the customers will get attracted. There is nothing wrong if you are getting personal in fact if you don’t audience will get bored.

9: Social Media Marketing is difficult and is for young people

Social Media marketing is not hard at all. Almost half of the audience over the internet are adults. People who are above the age of 45 are using twitter and Pinterest more than young people. Moms favorite app is getting Pinterest. So marketing is not just for young people, it is also effective for those who are above 40.

10: Google is Everything

Google is one of the biggest search engine and they are responsible for a vast majority if searches of websites. There are many of search engines besides chrome such as Bing, Ask, Facebook. Majority of people uses those sites as well. So it’s better to hire an SEO that knows about all the website as they play a major role in marketing.

11: Good Content is Everything

Content is a good way to get the attraction of the audience. But it’s not most important thing but the most important thing is the design of the website. Images and design plays an important role in attracting the audience.

12: Building a Website is the goal

Building a website and putting good content is not the only thing. A website needs to have a purpose and you have to define the goals of a website. Whether you want to target audience or to sell products or something else. The website should have some value to your business as well.